July 30, 2011
Issue #37


Left to right: Christos Stremmenos, Sven Kullander, Hanno Essén, Sergio Focardi,
Andrea Rossi, Giuseppe Levi, Michael Melich (Artwork: Daniele Larsson / New Energy Times)

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“In Bologna, we say if  it crows like a rooster, and scratches like a rooster, then it is a rooster!”

Giuseppe Levi,  RAI-TV, May 3, 2011


Issue 37 Table of Contents


Editorial: Introduction to Report #3
Opinion: LENR Needs Constructive Criticism, Not Faith
Letters to the Editor
Report #3: Summary Outline
Report #3: Scientific Analysis of Rossi, Focardi and Levi Claims
Appendix 1: Randall Investigation of Energy
Appendix 2: Ekström Energy Analysis of Rossi Device
Appendix 3: Cirillo Analysis of Steam Exit Velocity of Rossi Experiment
Appendix 4: Anonymous Mechanical Engineer's Analysis of Thermal Dispersion of Hose and Vapor Speed Analysis
Appendix 5: Rönnblom Analysis of Outlet Hose in Rossi Experiment
Appendix 6: de Jong Review of Steam and Flow Fundamentals
Appendix 7: St. Louis Steam Analysis of Rossi Experiment
Appendix 8: Rostron Energy Analysis of Rossi Experiment
Appendix 9: NASA Electrical-Power-Only Steam Analysis
Appendix 10: Randall Observations of Steam Generated by Rossi's Device in the Ny Teknik Video
Appendix 11: Kemmler Analysis of Pump Used In Rossi Experiment
Appendix 12: Krivit Review of Galantini Steam Quality Declaration
Appendix 13: New Energy Times Readers' Investigation of Galantini Measuring Device
Appendix 14: Falavigna Analysis of Galantini's Measurement Devices
Appendix 15: Reinberger Electrical Analysis of Rossi Experiment
Appendix 16: Sines Review of Rossi U.S. Patent Application
Appendix 17: Anonymous Mechanical Engineer's Analysis of Power and Temperature in Jan. 14, 2011, Rossi Experiment
Appendix 18: Krivit Review of Celani ICCF-16 Presentation
Appendix 19: Anonymous Mechanical Engineer's Effective Method to Measure Power and Energy of Steam
Appendix 20: Francesco Celani and Andrea Rossi Discussion of Steam Calorimetry
Appendix 21: Rossi SIMS Measurements
Appendix 22: Brown's Visit to Bologna
Appendix 23: Zanchini - Krivit Meeting
Appendix 24: Rossi Response to First Version of Ekström Energy Analysis
Appendix 25: Andrea Rossi Response to Krivit Preliminary Report
Appendix 26: Levi Response to Krivit Preliminary Report
Appendix 27: Beene Vortex Internet Chat Room Posts
Appendix 28: Krivit Comments on the "Big Heater" in Rossi's Factory
Appendix 29: Volumetric Steam Quality Enthalpy Graphs
Appendix 30: New Energy Times Analysis of Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer Excess-Heat Claims
Appendix 31: Storms Supports Rossi Claim
Appendix 32: Storms Suggests That Rossi Faked It — But Only Once
Appendix 33: Analysis of Essén and Kullander's Feb. 23 Comments on Ny Teknik
Appendix 34: Josephson Supports Rossi Claim
Appendix 35: New Energy Times Analysis of Ny Teknik Video of Rossi Device
Appendix 36: Andrea Rossi's Reported Italian Criminal Activity
Appendix 37: Rossi Timeline




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