July 30, 2011
Issue #37


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New Energy Times Analysis of Ny Teknik Video of Rossi Device

Appendix 35 to New Energy Times Report #3

(See related Appendix 10)

By Steven B. Krivit

On April 28, 2011, Mats Lewan, a journalist for the Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik, viewed and videotaped a demonstration of Andrea Rossi's device.

The video contains a mystery that I have been unable to solve. When Lewan walks away from Rossi and his device into the adjacent room, we are expecting to see steam exiting from the end of the black hose.

Supposedly, Rossi is running his device at normal, steady input and output. But there is no audible or visible evidence of steam when Lewan arrives at the bucket with the hose.

If the hose was submerged in the water when Lewan approached, why do we hear no bubbling from the water and see no surface disturbance or bubbling as Lewan approaches? Additionally, why are there still no noticeable effects even when Lewan moves down to the bucket with his camera? The effects appear to begin only moments after Lewan moves in closer.

But what if the hose was not submerged in the water when Lewan approached? Why is there no visible steam as Lewan approaches?

I asked Lewan whether he could clearly explain this anomaly; he could not. However, he wrote that he observed this same sequence each time he approached the bucket with the end of the hose.

"Good question," Lewan wrote. "This was repeated every time I lifted the hose out of the water.

"I think the explanation could be that the end of the hose was at a greater depth when I approached it – about 10 cm – whereas when I left, it was down in the water just slightly below the surface."

Lewan's video, however, seems to show the reverse: The hose was deeper when he moved away than when he approached. I have made a video review of the events and made multiple freeze-frames at various points. Perhaps readers might be able to solve this.

(Note: At 4m 26s there is a title frame that simply refused to process correctly and it appears as a black screen. It was supposed to say "Lewan approaches, and Rossi removes his hand from the front of the power control panel. He begins to ask Rossi, 'How's it going?'")


Brief Biography of Steven B. Krivit
Steven B. Krivit has performed investigative science journalism in the low-energy nuclear reactions research field for 10 years. He is the senior editor and publisher of New Energy Times. He also has published with John Wiley & Sons and Elsevier, among others.


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