July 30, 2011
Issue #37


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Rossi SIMS Measurements

Appendix 21 to New Energy Times Report #3

New Energy Times Editor Steven B. Krivit asked inventor Andrea Rossi to show him evidence of isotopic anomalies that were measured from pre- and post-experiment samples from his device. Rossi produced two graphs and stated to Krivit that the changes were "mainly with isotopes 62 and 64."  

Pre-Experiment Data (click to enlarge)


Post-Experiment Data (click to enlarge)


Brief Biography of Steven B. Krivit
Steven B. Krivit has performed investigative science journalism in the low-energy nuclear reactions research field for 10 years. He is the senior editor and publisher of New Energy Times. He also has published with John Wiley & Sons and Elsevier, among others.


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