July 30, 2011
Issue #37


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Krivit Comments on the "Big Heater" in Rossi's Factory

Appendix 28 to New Energy Times Report #3

By Steven B. Krivit

On July 10, 2011, New Energy Times received the following e-mail from a person who did not wish to be identified.

"One thing I wish you'd done is to go to that factory in Italy where Rossi says, a large heater based on the E-Cat, has been running for 2 years. That's sort of a smoking gun. If that claim is false, as I strongly suspect it is, it'd nail Rossi as a liar pretty easily."

In our June 28, "Report #2 - Energy Catalyzer: Scientific Communication and Ethics Issues" we wrote about this. Perhaps it should have received more prominent attention. Here are the relevant paragraphs.

Rossi's patent application says that an E-Cat device was installed on Oct. 16, 2007, and is "at present perfectly operating 24 hours per day, and provides an amount of heat sufficient to heat the factory of the Company EON of via Carlo Ragazzi 18, at Bondeno in the province of Ferrara."
I had thought about taking a side trip to Ferrara, to see this, but once I understood the lack of scientific data and noted the growing accumulation of substantial inconsistencies during my interviews, I decided not to go there. As I re-read the claims in the patent application, I noticed that Rossi does not state that the reactor is heating the factory. If you look carefully at the sentence from the patent, shown in the preceding paragraph, you can see that it implies that the device is heating the factory, but this not what the sentence says. The word "sufficient" changes the meaning entirely.


Brief Biography of Steven B. Krivit
Steven B. Krivit has performed investigative science journalism in the low-energy nuclear reactions research field for 10 years. He is the senior editor and publisher of New Energy Times. He also has published with John Wiley & Sons and Elsevier, among others.


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