July 30, 2011
Issue #37


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Andrea Rossi's Reported Italian Criminal Activity

Appendix 36 to New Energy Times Report #3

by William Collis

[Ed: William Collis, the executive secretary of the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, is a British citizen who lives in Italy and is fluent in Italian.

On July 15, 2011, Collis sent to the list a brief summary of what he found about Andrea Rossi's Italian criminal activity in Italian newspapers.

Collis was responding to an e-mail posted by physics Nobel laureate Brian Josephson in the Condensed Matter Nuclear Science e-mail list.

The archive search of La Corriere della Sera lists the articles Collis mentions as well as others about Rossi.]

Date:7/15/2011 7:59:28 

To: cmns@googlegroups.com


[Collis quotes Brian Josephson:] "My gloss on this, assuming it is not fraud (and as far as I am aware, Rossi has not been found guilty of this in the past), is that they were experimenting with different mechanisms of enhancement and found a combination that worked much better in terms of heat production."

I thought Rossi's past was common knowledge.

According to an article published by Italy's national newspaper, La Corriere della Sera, Page 37, April 12, 1992, Rossi was sentenced to four months in jail (suspended) and fined.

The same paper, Page 45, March 24, 1993, reports Rossi was sentenced to eight months confinement (conditionally suspended) and fined.

Again, Page 49, March 28, 1996, La Corriere della Sera, one-year sentence, later reduced to a fine.

Again, Page 51, May 23, 1997, La Corriere della Sera, sentence of two years eight months. The article specifically mentions tax fraud and quotes the public prosecutor as saying, "For all these operations, there is no trace of contracts or agreements." One of the transactions involved transfer of intangible assets (list of clients, and technology) to the value of 725 million lire.

These cases involve only his Petroldragon activities. But it doesn't stop there. See Page 11, March 29, 1995, and Page 49, April 6, 1995, La Corriere della Sera. He was also jailed as part of an "international conspiracy" in illegal gold trafficking.

I'm not an expert in Italian criminal legal terms or mafia slang, so if you want to check, I can supply fuller extracts (in Italian) if anyone is interested. There's quite a lot of gossipy innuendo to wade through, but the articles are not all written by one journalist who might have an axe to grind. La Corriere della Sera is a respected and serious newspaper and is considered reliable.



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