July 30, 2011
Issue #37


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Appendix 27 to New Energy Times Report #3

[Ed: Jones Beene is a LENR enthusiast. We do not have information about his background or vocation, aside from the knowledge that he is very passionate about LENR and new-energy technologies, and he is an avid poster in Internet discussion groups.]

Krivit Accuses Rossi of Not Being a Scientist, Which Rossi Isn't
Jones Beene
Sun, 03 Jul 2011 07:26:27 -0700

LOL. The personal dynamics emerging out of the Andrea Rossi story as we move into Independence Day, especially on the journalism end of the spectrum, are becoming quaintly humorous, no?

Let's face it: This is either the most important invention of all time or it is a massive, embarrassing scam. It's "more important than fire," as one of Rossi's competitor likes to opine :-) or else the impending coup de grâce for LENR.

And if you are a fringe journalist, prepared to step up into the national scene, having already made a little wave with the "not really fusion" spiel, then this could be the story which is not just a "once in a lifetime" opportunity but "once in all time."

Certainly, the stakes are high, and there is little middle ground by now, so if you have prided yourself on being the Numero Uno top journalist in LENR, which is to say, in a field which was once a backwater of pathological science but which is now poised to explode (and with you at the helm), priceless, but wait.

Can this impending paradigm shift really be due to a poorly crafted invention by a nutty Italian, and will that device alone essentially become the savior of the Free World and the Western way of life (instead of the other lame story which Krivit been spearheading and promoting non-stop)?

Let's face it, Steve did not get in on the ground floor of the Rossi event, possibly due to bad advice from his new sponsors W & L [Widom and Larsen], and now fears the possibility that he could have blown everything by missing those early clues and mainly by choosing the wrong horse.

But that is only if Rossi is for real. And scam is looking to be easily possible, at least to a growing list of smart fence-straddlers, going into July. But then again, that is due mainly to the whims of a nutty Italian, more so than to the actual results, which are extraordinarily robust according to insiders, but only as glorified anecdote. No good numbers yet, which pleases the skeptic. Then again, that could be part of the scam (or else part of a pervasive attitude of full speed ahead).

In the end, it seems that the easiest recourse for Krivit to save face is this slime-gamble, made worse by a failed visit to Italy and based on too-little information but seemingly the only option: dump on Rossi big time.

Krivit’s prayer is to get out there and position himself as the journalist who bravely stood up to the scorn and ridicule of colleagues in the field and exposed Rossi as the scam artist he is. Krivit will thereby scoop the journalists who beat him to the other possibility, and he will reclaim his rightful position as Numero Uno journalist in the field and then, perhaps, be ready to double-down, since his other horse, the one that went lame getting into the gate last year, will now have a second wind.

By November, Steve may come out of this looking not only like a top-dog journalist but also like a bit of an insightful scientist in his own right, or else he will be staring deeply into the wrong end of that proverbial horse.

What are the probabilities? You have four months to decide.

A New Energy Times reader sent the above message to Krivit.
Jones and Krivit have known of each other for several years.
They live near each other in Northern California.
Krivit sent a request to Jones to meet in person.
They met on July 14, off the record.
Beene asked Krivit for permission to publicly report a correction.
Krivit agreed.


Posted on Vortex Internet Chat Room by Jones Beene

Krivit Could Be Correct on Rossi

Jones Beene
Sun, 17 Jul 2011 13:52:01 -0700

Akira Shirakawa posted Julian Brown's recent criticism on Rossi in which he shares Steven Krivit's skepticism, based on lack of scientific standards of proof. Like Krivit, he cannot say that there is no robust anomaly but only that the proof is weak to non-existent and that Rossi is not only stubborn but also confused in his approach, seeming to ignore the "wet steam" issue.

By the way, Brown is a top-rated scientist whose work we have talked about before and who has many publications in related fields. You may remember that back in January he sent a glowing congratulation to Rossi for possibly saving the world or something to that effect. IOW, he has no axe to grind.

When Krivit's original blog piece came out, many of us here were openly critical of him because it seemed to make value judgments ("unethical") based on a paucity of evidence and seemed to repeat criticisms going back months. This made no sense, and in one post, I accused Steven of basing this judgment on being supported by Widom and Larsen.

This is not correct, and I apologize to Steven for accusing him of what would be unethical journalism. I have met with him since then and am fully convinced that he is not supported by Widom and Larsen financially or otherwise but that his strong and unwavering support for their theory goes only to what he considers to be its scientific validity.

Many of us remain as skeptical, if not more so, of this particular theory than of Rossi, since confirming results are meager, and the theory tends to overlook a known field, "ultracold neutrons." Tom Claytor's recent disclosures further strengthen the case for real fusion, because tritium from an arc discharge stands almost as proof that ULM cannot be involved.

At any rate, I am taking this opportunity to apologize to Steven for suggesting that he has been supported by Widom and Larsen. He has not.

As for Rossi, nothing will be known until October, and it is already looking like he is hedging on the timetable. He has done everyone involved a disservice by calling Julian Brown a clown.

If there is a clown in this circus, it is Rossi himself.



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