July 30, 2011
Issue #37


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Letters to the Editor


The Physics of Andrea Rossi's Device

To the Editor:

The physics of the E-Cat are clearly not understood. That, of course, does not mean that the device does not work or have any practical use. I give you some other examples. Radio clearly works but nobody has ever explained how it works. Same thing with magnetism. These all have common everyday practical uses but the physics behind them are not explained at all.

Mike Mansfield
Altea, Spain

Response to Report #2

To the Editor:

I have been reading your Report #2 "Energy Catalyzer: Scientific Communication and Ethics Issues" and found it informative. You center your article around two primary points: science by proxy, and evasion of scientific debate.

In both cases, it seems apparent that Rossi, with no formal science or engineering training, is little more than a showman here. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur engaged in green or renewable-energy enterprises, of which the e-CAT is just one.

Therefore, it seems odd to expect an entrepreneur/showman to converse as a scientist. He is not a scientist; everyone knows that. What makes you think that he should be able to answer questions from scientists with far more education?

The way I see it, Rossi is just a front man. Focardi and Levi have let him file the patents and take the spotlight. But you note that the science of Focardi and Piantelli remains intact, even after CERN [European Organization for Nuclear Research] skeptics tried to pick it apart. And you apparently think Piantelli's cells produced a significant amount of excess heat. 

It seems to me you are somewhat miffed that your science questions are not being answered to your satisfaction. Were you a scientist yourself engaged in active LENR research, it would seem appropriate. But you acknowledge this trio is pushing forward a business venture. They are not writing a scholarly paper or giving a lecture; they are going to try to bring their device to market.

You might look at this story from the entrepreneur’s point of view. Why not consider the story from the business perspective?  It would be very helpful to others engaged in the task of bringing LENR out of the labs.

Rich Cook
Seattle, WA


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