July 30, 2010
Issue #35


Heavy-mass surface plasmon polariton electrons react with surface protons or deuterons
to produce ultra-low-momentum neutrons.

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“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

— Albert Einstein

Table of Contents


  1. From the Editor: The War For and Against Cold Fusion

  2. To the Editor


  1. 16th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Will Take Place in India

  2. 9th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium Gas Loaded Metals Rescheduled

  3. 17th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball-Lightning

  4. 15th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems

  5. ISCMNS Executive Committee Election Results

  6. Caltech Professor David Goodstein Still Watching Cold Fusion Conflict

  7. Business Luminaries Strive to Jumpstart New Energy

  8. Gordon and Beaty Speak at NPA

  9. Updated Version of JCMNS An updated Vol. 2

  10. Correction


  1. Report on 15th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

  2. Storms Introduces Theory of Cold Fusion at Rome Conference

  3. Bockris' and Miles' Historic Confirmations of LENR-Produced Helium

  4. Mahadeva Srinivasan: Two-Time Nuclear Energy Pioneer for India

  5. Review of Grant Pownall Master's Thesis on "Cold Fusion"

  6. Krivit Responds to Shanahan's Department of Energy-Sponsored Comments

  7. Analysis of SRI HH Experiment Series

  8. NPR's Science Friday Interviews McKubre

  9. Larsen Interview on Blogtalkradio

  10. Bubblegate Case Inspector General Leaves





1. Taking a New Look at LENR
2. Cold Fusion is Neither
3. When Nuclear Is Not Enough: A Tangled Tale of Two Experiments
4. NRL 2008—The LENR Null Results Laboratory
5. "Lucky Tweezers" — The LENR Null Results Laboratory, Again
6. Isotopic Anomalies Reveal LENR Insights
7. Violante Group Claims LENR Elemental Anomalies Are Contamination
8. Neutron Capture Is Not the New Cold Fusion
9. Who's Afraid of LENR Transmutations?
10. Fleischmann: It Must Be Neutrons
11. LENR Weak Interaction Theory—Hagelstein Missed
12. Weak Interactions Are Not Weak Energetically
13. Widom-Larsen Theory Simplified
14. Larsen's Vision of LENR Technology
15. Development of the Widom-Larsen Theory of LENRs
16. Reader's Guide to Larsen Slide Presentations
17. The Cold Fusion Belief System
18. Contempt for Cold Fusion
19. Two Decades of “Cold Fusion”
20. Moving Forward


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