July 30, 2010
Issue #35


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1. Editorial: The War For and Against Cold Fusion

By Steven B. Krivit

Photo: Daniel Bosler

New Energy Times has always focused on low-energy nuclear reactions. Our primary task is to seek the facts and report them. Our secondary task is to provide well-reasoned analyses supported by those facts. We report on the most newsworthy examples of relevant topics.

This issue of New Energy Times includes a special report: "Cold Fusion is Neither." We do not casually discard the concept, however.

Although many LENR researchers have remained enamored of "cold fusion" or their rebranded Fleischmann-Pons Experiment, New Energy Times has become enamored of weak interactions and their role in creating nuclear-scale energy and nuclear effects in LENR.

Specifically, we are very interested in the proposed ultra-low-momentum neutron and its possible role in LENR, initially developed by Lewis Larsen, later with Allan Widom. We do not know whether the Widom-Larsen theory is correct. We think that it has the highest probability of success.

The Widom-Larsen theory may end up being completely wrong, and if that comes to pass, we hope to be the first to report it. In the meantime, it offers a fresh perspective on a two-decade-long science mystery.

And for the record, New Energy Times, New Energy Institute, and I have no financial interest in Larsen's company, Lattice Energy LLC.

This public statement of independence has been part of New Energy Times and New Energy Institute since our inception:

"In order to remain an objective source of news and analysis, New Energy Times and New Energy Institute Inc. do not conduct their own scientific research, do not invest in or maintain ownership in any of the companies or technologies they report on, and do not try to acquire any intellectual property rights in the field."

As the person with the greatest influence on the editorial direction of New Energy Times, I personally abide by this statement of independence, as well.

The Widom-Larsen theory has little to do with intellectual property or proprietary technology. The knowledge that the theory may or may not reveal belongs to and is available to us all.


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