July 30, 2010
Issue #35


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Nuclear Transmutation of Stable and Radioactive Isotopes in Biological Systems Published
by Vladimir I. Vysotskii and Alla A. Kornilova
Hardcover, 2010, $49, ISBN-978-81-8274-430-1

The 9th Annual Meeting of Japan CF Research Society Proceedings Published
Patterson Patent #7,556,783 Granted
(Patent is awarded to the estate of Jim Patterson)

Kitamura et al. Publish Replication of Arata Absorption Experiment
Kitamura, Akira, Nohmi, Takayoshi, Sasaki, Yu, Takahashi, Akito, Seto, Reiko and Fujita, Yushi, "Anomalous Effects in Charging of Pd Powders With High Density Hydrogen Isotopes,” Physics Letters A, Vo. 373 (35), p. 3109-3112 (24 August 2009)

Hagelstein Publishes Speculations for the Non-Existence of Energetic Alpha Particles in LENR
"Constraints on Energetic Particles in the Fleischmann–Pons Experiment," Naturwissenschaften, DOI 10.1007/s00114-009-0644-4, Feb. 9, 2010

Kimberly-Clark Patent Application for Ultrasonic Fusion Device Published
"Ultrasonic Treatment Chamber For Initiating Thermonuclear Fusion"
US 2009/0147905 Al, Jun. 11,2009

Errata to LENR Articles in Elsevier Encyclopedia of Electrochemical Power Sources Published
Many thanks to New Energy Times readers, in particular Dieter Britz, for meticulous post-publication critique of the two Krivit chapters published in December 2009 in the Elsevier Encyclopedia of Electrochemical Power Sources. Free copies of the Elsevier LENR articles are available on request.

Britz Review of Krivit Elsevier Papers
"Cold Fusion - Precursor To Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions," Encyclopedia of Electrochemical Power Sources, Elsevier, 2009

"A kind of review of cold fusion, with the strong message that the term is inappropriate, as the process underlying the various observations is very unlikely to be fusion of deuterons. The author prefers the term low-energy nuclear reaction or LENR. The strongest evidence for such an as yet unknown process is the excess heat claimed by many. The chapter draws heavily on results from the SRI laboratories, and concludes that the Widom-Larsen theory of 2006 is the most likely candidate for an explanation of the reaction taking place."

"Cold fusion History," Encyclopedia of Electrochemical Power Sources, Elsevier, 2009

"This is a backup chapter to the main one by the same author, on the preceding pages of the same volume. The history is rather selective and truncated but does point out the important highlights. The role of Jones is however presented in a way that differs markedly from all other accounts. The history does go back to Paneth and Peters (1926) and even to Wendt and Irion (1922), who are not often mentioned in this context."


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