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LENR and Cold Fusion Theory Index

Initially published Jan. 15, 2012 x
(Source: New Energy Times) The is a list of the major recognized theories in the field of LENR research that have been consistently presented in the related LENR conferences or published in mainstream peer-reviewed journals.

Steven B. Krivit developed this list primarily from two sources. The first was the result of a broad survey he performed for his and Jan Marwan's peer-reviewed paper "A New Look at Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction Research," Journal of Environmental Monitoring, published on Sept. 3, 2010 (DOI:10.1039/B915458M).

The second source was from Thomas Dolan's slide presentation to the New Energy Institute board of directors on May 21, 2009.

There are an abundance of theories that purport to explain "cold fusion" or LENR and Kirkinshii and Novikov identified a total of 66 LENR theories in 2002 (see summary slide by Dolan below).

For each theory, Krivit created a separate Web page with an identical set of fields to help readers make comparisons between theories. Some of the data in the fields come from the Krivit/Marwan paper. Krivit queried (where possible) the authors of each of the theories and requested them to contribute additional information for their respective pages.

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Bazhutov-Vereshkov Theory (No response to query.)
Chubb (Scott) Theory (Not living. Nobody responded on his behalf.)
Chubb ( Talbot) Theory (Not living. Nobody responded on his behalf.)
Filimonov-Fukuhara Theory
Filippov Theory
Fisher Theory (Provided listing for one published paper.)
(Source: New Energy Times)
Gareev Theory (Not living. Nobody responded on his behalf.)
Hagelstein Theory (No response to query.)
Hora-Miley Theory (Responded with descriptive text and a list of his scientific papers.)
Kim-Zubarev Theory (No response to query.)
Kirkinskii-Novikov Theory (No response to query.)
Kozima Theory (Responded with a lot of information.)
Li Theory (No response to query.)
Preparata Theory (Antonella De Ninno responded on his behalf with a summary and two papers.)
Sinha-Meulenberg Theory (Meulenberg responded with an extensive list of papers.)
Storms Theory (No response to query.)
Szpak Theory (No response to query.)
Takahashi Theory (No response to query.)
Widom-Larsen Theory (Responded with a lot of information.)

Summary page by New Energy Institute board member Tom Dolan: