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Giuseppe Levi Interview by Steven B. Krivit ( June 14, 2011) x
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Levi Discusses Rossi Demonstration
Levi Interview Part 2 (0:25)

Krivit: Did you organize the second [Jan. 14, 2011] test?

Levi : The second test was done for professor Focardi. You know, professor Focardi is quite an old person, and he was very, very worried that he was not [going to be] able to report this result to colleagues. This room was filled, mainly by colleagues of the department and from other departments. So this public test in January was done mainly for professor Focardi. Actually, it was done in a messy situation.

Krivit: I understand.

Levi: People sometimes say that I have written a poor report. It's poor because it's just what I have seen within this half-hour, 40-minute test. You can imagine all the confusion.

Krivit: In the January 14 test, there was you, and I think you did calculations on the calorimetry. There was David Bianchini --

Levi: Actually, the work was done in a group. We have written many different reports. There was a cross-check in our group on what we were writing.

Krivit: Who decided to have the team? Who created the team?

Levi: Me. And I asked Professor Villa to be with me because, when you see this kind of thing, the first thought is, OK, what am I doing wrong? Of course, the best way to at least reduce the possibility of error is to share the work with somebody else.

Levi Discusses Rossi’s Press Release
Levi Interview Part 2 (2:38)

Krivit: So you organized that [press conference and demonstration]. Is this the correct press release?

Levi: Yes. I wrote that. And it was revised by our department director because it is a press release of the Department of Physics. It was released as an official communication of our Physics Department. Our director, professor Capiluppi, was always informed of what was going on. Also, professor Zoccoli was present. He is the director of the INFN section of Bologna, National Institute of Nuclear Physics. He was also informed.