New Energy Times Archive of the 1989 Department of Energy "Cold Fusion" Review
These documents were used internally as part of the 1989 review. The source for many of them was Richard Garwin, a member of the review panel. Hundreds of other documents are available in the New Energy Times Richard Garwin Cold Fusion Archive.
Charles D. Scott, et al., DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Heat and neutrons s
William Woodard, 1989 panel secretary, DOE staff member
Summary of "cold fusion" research performed by DOE national labs
Provided by Richard Garwin, written by someone on the panel, used in interim and final reports
Worldwide summary of neutron source rate values from "cold fusion" experiments
Panel members
A draft of the Interim Report of the panel
Panel members
Final version of the Interim Report of the panel
J.C. Farmer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
No evidence for nuclear fusion, just a shitload of new elements detected on the post-electrolytic cathode .Cathode evaluated was used at Texas A&M and had produced excess heat.
Panel members given copy of BARC report. Neutrons detected with multiple detectors. Excess neutrons and tritium levels (three orders of magnitude higher) detected by two groups in each of six experiments.
F.T. Aldridge et al. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Highlights: Electrolytic cell explosion report (Note: Cathode was under water at time of explosion.)
Multiple authors, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Highlights: Li-6/Li-7 shift, more details on Farmer analysis
Belgian Nuclear Research Center thermal anomaly
John Schiffer's draft of the panel's fusion products section
Sent to Garwin, and showing Garwin's responses
David Goodwin, 1989 panel technical advisor and DOE staff member
List of 8 positive results reported at NSF/EPRI meeting, sent to DOE panel members
Richard Garwin's response to positive results reported at NSF/EPRI meeting
"It's ridiculous...I just don't believe it."
John Schiffer's response to positive results reported at NSF/EPRI meeting
"I do not take any of the data seriously ... my inclination is to ignore it and proceed as we had planned."
William Woodard, 1989 panel secretary, DOE staff member
Tells panel members that NRL researchers Debra Rolison and William O'Grady don't want to report their data in in open public session.
Final version of the DOE ERAB "Cold Fusion" Panel Report. (Note: This report was written by the non-DOE panel members, not by the DOE. The DOE selected and trusted these panel members to provide a fair and honest evaluation of the research. Having no reason to think otherwise, the DOE put its name on this report.)