New Energy Times Richard Garwin "Cold Fusion" Archive
In 2014, Richard Garwin loaned six boxes of his "cold fusion" files to Steven B. Krivit to use as reference material for his book, Fusion Fiasco, and to scan and preserve.

The archive contains hundreds of "cold fusion" documents, most of which were internal documents used in the 1989 DOE-sponsored review and which had remained out of sight for more than two decades. These documents reveal the behind-the-scenes activity and the real story of this crucial event.

The archive consists of about 5,000 pages. The scanned page images are grouped in 52 files, parsed roughly by subject matter, but all in the exact original order. The files are hosted remotely, on the Internet Archive. A copy has also been sent to the Cornell University Cold Fusion Archive.

File box1-1
File box1-2
File box1-3
File box1-4
File box1-5a
File box1-5b
File box1-6
File box1-7a
File box1-7b
File box1-8
File box1-8a
File box1-8b
File box1-8c
File box2-9
File box2-10
File box2-11a
File box2-11b
File box2-11c
File box2-12
File box3-13
File box3-14
File box3-15
File box3-16
File box3-17
File box3-17a
File box3-17b
File box4-18
File box4-19
File box4-19a
File box4-19b
File box4-20
File box4-20a
File box4-20b
File box4-21
File box4-22
File box4-23
File box4-23a
File box4-23b
File box4-24a
File box4-24b
File box5-25a
File box5-25b
File box5-25c
File box5-25d
File box5-25e
File box5-25f
File box6-27
File box6-28a
File box6-28-3c (There is no 28b)