The Perils O' George (Satire)
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Contributed by L.N. (2008)

"The Perils O’George"
"When Scientist Mutated into Pirates and Sailed the High Seas"

Hoist the jolly roger!!!


Drop them iron ore!!!
(Sung to the tune of Rust Never Sleeps, by Neil Young)


Welcome aboard swabbies, to the SS Weatherbird!

Whose ship this be I think I know

To the islands of Canary, science experiments here we go!

And just when it seemed the SS Weaterbeater would be headin in for
grogs of rum and serving wenches,

Ye gods of ol’ cast thunderbolts upon th’seafarin hearty ship

And so …she began to sink into Davey Jones Locker
but the crew and captain were rescued by Greepeace.

"Voyage of Recovery" - SS Weatherbird sailing up Potomac to
deliver message of hope

Only to see Captain George to be abandoned - yet again by
Greenpeace - and delivered into the unforgiving hands of the ferocious
Sea Shepherd Society
“No! Ye be havin’ th’wrong man,” cried George. Pity me, oh captain,
just a humble scientist I be!
Nonsense, you wretched scaliwag, the unyielding crew responded.
You who be messin' o the likes of Davey Jones, why thee ocean be fer
finden yer humpback whales in the sea of Cortez,
not dumpin’ bucket’o rust”
To be continued...