This CD-ROM sells for $19.95 on Amazon. The title description indicates that the CD-ROM is published by the U.S. government, which is false and potentially misleading:

The detailed description provides a clarification:

"Our news and educational CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs are privately compiled collections of official public domain U.S. government files and documents - they are not produced by the federal government."

  • CD-ROM: 1472 pages
  • Publisher: Progressive Management (January 11, 2005)
  • ISBN: 1592483933

The CD-ROM contains 25 PDF files. Nearly all of the files are readily available on the Internet. A listing of the 25 files, and their original Web locations, where known, is shown below.

Half of the files have nothing or almost nothing to do with "cold fusion." Others are 10 to 17 years old. With the exception of the Navy reports and the 2004 official Department of Energy documents, most of the files seem to have been selected somewhat randomly and do not contribute greatly to an understanding of low energy nuclear reactions.

1. Fusion Energy Advisory Committee - Advice and Recommendations to the Department of Energy (June 1992)

2. Practical Applications of Fusion Power

3. Program Area Overview - Office Of Fusion Energy Sciences

4. Department Of Energy FY 1992 Congressional Budget Request Energy Supply Research And Development

5. Department Of Energy FY 1991 Congressional Budget Request Energy Supply Research And Development

6. "Chemistry Of The Heaviest Elements--One Atom At A Time," Darleane C. Hoffman and Diana M. Lee

7. Advanced Energy Projects FY 1987 Research Summaries

8. 8th International Conference On Radiation Shielding Planned For April 1994

9. Report of the Review of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

10. Glenn T. Seaborg briefing President George Bush on 'cold fusion' phenomena

11. Technical Report 1696, September 1995, "Anomalous Behavior of the Pd/D System," by S. Szpak and P. Mosier-Boss

12. Technical Report 1862, February 2002, "Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D20 System, Vol. 1: A Decade of Research at Navy Laboratories," S. Szpak and P. Mosier-Boss, editors

13. Technical Report 1862, February 2002, "Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D20 System, Vol. 2: Simulation of the Electrochemical Cell (ICARUS) Calorimetry," S. Szpak and P. Mosier-Boss, editors

14. “Outside-the-Box” Technologies, Their Critical Role Concerning Environmental Trends, and the Unnecessary Energy Crisis (2000)

15. Oak Ridge National Laboratory: A Preliminary Investigation of Cold Fusion by Electrolysis of Heavy Water (Nov. 1989)

16. Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Initial Calorimetry Experiments in the Physics Division (May 1990)

17. ORNL: The First 50 Years--Chapter 9: Global Outreach

18. Forensic Science Center (Forensic investigation into the SRI International Explosion)

19. "Radioactive Ion Beams Production With Photofission Of Uranium Isotopes," by T. Khazratov and A.Khamrakulov (2001)

20. "Early Predictions Of Superheavy Elements." by Darleane C. Hoffman and Diana M. Lee

21. "Early Predictions Of Superheavy Elements." by Darleane C. Hoffman and Diana M. Lee (This appears to be identical to item 20.)

22. "Present at the Creation," LLNL

23. "Introduction to Plasma Diagnostics," by Ivo Furno

24. "Preliminary evidence suggests possible nuclear emissions during experiments"

25. "Advanced Energy Projects FY 1985 Research Summaries"