The Scientific Verdict on Rossi's E-Cat
Aug. 28, 2011 x
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On July 30, 2011, New Energy Times, published "Report #3: Scientific Analysis of Rossi, Focardi and Levi Claims." The 200-page report included scientific and engineering analyses from 20 independent experts.

On Aug. 7, 2011, New Energy Times condensed "Report #3" into two-pages: "Rossi’s Scientific Failure in Seven Steps."

On Aug. 28, 2011, New Energy Times distilled "Seven Steps" into the following two paragraphs: "The Scientific Verdict on Rossi's E-Cat."

In a seven-month period, the Rossi group sought credibility for its claim of extraordinary levels of excess heat through scientific and academic validation. In seven public attempts, the group tried to demonstrate convincing experimental evidence for its claims.

In all attempts, the group failed. It has no experimental evidence on which to base its extraordinary energy claim. It never did.