CBS TV's "60 Minutes" Turns Up the Heat with "Cold Fusion Is Hot Again"

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A bit of drama followed this broadcast. Soon after it aired April 19, 2009, CBS pulled the popular video from it's Web site without explanation. Conspiracy theorists mobilized; we investigated. Turns out that the American Physical Society protested the reference to its organization.

In response, CBS took the video off-line for about 24 hours. The network edited the offending segment, removed the reference to APS and put the revised video back online at a new Web address. Mysteriously, CBS put the original version back online sometime before May 24.

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But wait...the drama continues...the original segment with the offending "APS comment" has mysteriously reappeared online as of May 24.


April 24, 1800hrs PST - "60 Minutes"piece is back online - sans the American Physical Society's non-endorsement.




On April 24, 2009, New Energy Times learned that "60 Minutes" removed its April 19 "Cold Fusion" program from YouTube. Here is a screenshot:



This was the link to the "60 Minutes" "Cold Fusion" program (The link to the video "More than Junk Science" is no longer working)

April 19, 2009 7PM EST/PST




60 Minutes Promotions

<a href="http://www.joost.com/097vy0y/t/Preview-Cold-Fusion">Preview: Cold Fusion</a>



60 Minutes Announcement (April 17, 2009)