The 2004 U.S. Department of Energy Review of LENRs

Propoposers of the LENR review to the U.S. Department of Energy. (left to right) Randall J. Hekman (Hekman Industries, LLC, Grand Rapids, MI), Michael C. H. McKubre (SRI International, Menlo Park, CA), Peter L. Hagelstein (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA), David J. Nagel (The George Washington University, Washington DC) and Graham Hubler, (Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC)
U.S. Department of Energy 2004 LENR Review — The Inside Story
Peter Hagelstein's Request Letter to the DOE (Sept. 12, 2003)
Instructions Given to Proposers from DOE (May 13, 2004)
Instruction Given to Reviewers from DOE (Summer 2004)
Scientific Papers Selected by Proposers for the Review (Summer 2004)
14-Page Summary Paper Provided by the Proposers (August 2004)
Agenda of the In-Person Review Meeting (Aug. 23-24,2004)
Eyewitness Account of the Meeting
The Reviewer's Responses - In Their Own Words
The DOE's Response
Charles Beaudette's Comment About the Reviewers
Ed Storms' Comment About the Reviewers
Michael McKubre's Comments About the Review (Audio Recording)
Haiko Lietz's News Story