The 19th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation of Chemical Elements and Ball Lightning, Krinitsa, Russia
Sept. 3-10, 2012

Program and Abstracts

Russian Physical Society

Nuclear Society of Russia

Mendeleyev Chemical Society of Russia

Physical Department of Moscow Lomonosov State University

Russian Peoples’ Friendship State University

Committee on Ball Lightning Problems at

Russian Academy of Sciences

Dear Colleagues,

The 19 th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball-Lightning (RCCNT&BL-19) is to be held during September 3–10, 2012. The place of the Conference is “Krinitsa” Hotel in 100km to the south of the Novorossiysk city that is one of the best sport recreation and holiday camp of the Cuban State Agrarian University, placed on the Black Sea Krasnodar shore of Russia.

The program of the Conference includes the following subjects:

  • Experimental research in Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball-Lightning;
  • Theoretical models with respect to Cold Nuclear Transmutation and

Ball-Lightning effects;

  • Applied to these problems technologies and devices.

The Organizing Committee of the Conference is pleased to invite you to attend the Conference (RCCNT&BL-19). The terms of your participation are as follows:

The registration fee is $300/200 for Delegates / Students or Accompanying Persons, which will include visa support, conference Program & Proceedings, transportation from the Gelenjik airport & back, hotel reservation & social dinner. Hotel living cost with three daily buffet meals is ~ $250 for 7 days.

The languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

The registration fee must be transferred before June 20 to the account of the Organizing Committee, which is to be announced on having received from you a confirmation about your decision to attend the Conference.

If you make a decision to take part in the Conference please let us know before June 10 by E-mail sending the abstract of your report in this format.

Contact phones: (7) 916-627-4969 (Prof. Nikolay Samsonenko), (7) 918-126-8524 (Prof. Filipp Kanarev), (7) 499-124-3036 (Prof. Vladimir Bychkov).

Fax: (7) (496) 751-0124 (for Dr. Yury Bazhutov).

E-mail: erzion@mail.ru ; bychvl@orc.ru ; kanarevfm@mail.ru

Chairman of the

RCCNT&BL-19 Organizing Committee Yury Bazhutov,

Vice-Chairmen Vladimir Bychkov,

Filipp Kanarev, Nikolai Samsonenko