The 16th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclei Transmutation of Chemical Elements and Ball Lightning
Dagomys, Sochi, Russia, June 1-8, 2009

Russian Physical Society
Nuclear Society of Russia
Mendeleev Chemical Society of Russia
Physical Department of Moscow Lomonosov State University
Russian Peoples’ Friendship State University
Committee on Ball Lightning Problems at
Russian Academy of Sciences

Dear Colleagues,

The 16th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball-Lightning (RCCNT&BL-16) is to be held during June (1-8), 2009. The place of the Conference is Dagomys Hotel in the city of Sochi that is the best recreation and holiday place on the Black See shore of Russia.
The program of the Conference includes the following subjects:

  • Experimental research in cold nuclear transmutation and ball lightning;
  • Theoretical models with respect to Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball-lightning effects;
  • Applied to these problems technologies and devices.

The Organizing Committee of the Conference is pleased to invite you to attend the Conference (RCCNT&BL-16). The terms of your participation are as follows:

The registration fee is $350/200 for Delegates / Students or Accompanying Persons, which will include visa support, conference proceedings, transportation from the Sochi airport, hotel reservation, social dinner and special excursion or entertainment. Hotel living cost with two daily buffet meals is ~ $400 for 7 days (http://www.dagomys.ru/eng/).

The languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

The registration fee must be transferred before March 30 to the account of the Organizing Committee, which is to be announced on having received from you a confirmation about your decision to attend the Conference.

If you make a decision to take part in the Conference please let us know before March 10 by E-mail sending the abstract of your report.

Contact telephones: (7) (916) 627-4969 (ask Prof. Nikolay Samsonenko),
(7) (499) 124-3036 (ask Prof. Vladimir Bychkov).
Fax: (7) (496) 751-0124 (for Dr. Yuri Bazhutov).
E-mail: bazhutov@izmiran.ru ; bychvl@orc.ru ; samson@mx.rudn.ru


Chairman of the Yuri Bazhutov
RCCNT&BL-16 Organizing Committee
Vice-Chairmen Vladimir Bychkov, Nikolai Samsonenko



15 th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation

and Ball Lightning (RCCNT&BL-15)

The 15 th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball Lightning was held in the city of Sochi (“Dagomys” Health Improvement Complex at Russian President Department, Dagomys settlement) during 1-8 October, 2008.

The Conference was arranged by the RCCNT&BL-15 Organizing Committee and Coordinating Committee on the Problem of “Cold Nuclear Transmutation” in cooperation with the Russian Committee on the Problems of Ball Lightning at Russian Academy of Sciences and held under the auspices of the Russian Physical Society, Nuclear Society of Russia, Russian Mendeleev Chemical Society, Physical Department of Moscow Lomonosov State University and Russian Peoples' Friendship University.

Editions of the Program and Abstracts of the RCCNT&BL-15 and the Proceedings of the previous RCCNT&BL-14 were provided by the sponsorship of Mozzhegorov A.A.

Totally 33 scientists and specialists took part in the Conference including 30 persons from Russian Federation and 3 representatives from Ukraine (1) and Kazakhstan (2). Russia (30) was represented by scientists from Moscow (16), Moscow region (Troitsk (1), Dubna (2), Podolsk (2) & Fryazino (3)), Leningrad region (Gatchina (1)), Krasnodar region (Krasnodar (1), Sochi (1)), St. Petersburg (1), Yekaterinburg (1), & Ulyanovsk (1).

31 reports were presented and considered at the Conference, including 22 reports based upon the results of experimental investigations and 9 reports with theoretical investigations or reviews. 19 of those presentations (14 experimental and 5 theoretical or review) were dedicated to the problems of Cold Nuclear Transmutation phenomenon and 12 presentations (8 experimental, 2 theoretical and 2 reviews) were dedicated to the problems of Ball Lightning. Though sometimes such division turned out to be definitely conventional since the subject of those reports was related to both problems simultaneously.

Bazhutov’ review was devoted to the activity of Russian Scientific Community in the field of Cold Nuclear Transmutation phenomenon during last 19 year period both in Russian Conferences and in International ones. Review on Ball Lightning Problems made by Bychkov & Nikitin was devoted to results of 10-th International Symposium on the Ball Lightning Problems (Kaliningrad, 7-12.07.08).

Among all reports devoted to Cold Nuclear Transmutation there were presentations evidenced the regular detection of different nuclear radiations (neutrons, X-radiation, α,β,γ-radiation and other nuclear products (Bazhutov, Baranov, Velikodnyi, Karabut), & so the detection of Cold Nuclear Transmutation by mass-spectrometric or atomic-spectrometric methods (Solin, Metaxa). Klimov has presented experimental results, indicating creation of new chemical elements by HF plasmoid over water surface. In the Velikodny & Karabut reports the observations of excess heat were presented. In 2 Bazhutov reports there were presented new positive results on Erzion observations both in the ground and in space experiments in solid state detectors by Oriani method. In the 3-d report he had informed about neutron bursts detection in ground cosmic rays installation.

In the presented experimental reports on the problems of Cold Nuclear Transmutation there were demonstrated some different methods of initiating the processes of Cold Nuclear Transmutation which are very typical for Russian investigations. Karabut, Velikodnyi & Grishin used the plasma electrolysis method, Klimov – HF discharge, Velikodnyi & Grishin – hydrodynamic cavitation, Solin – high current electron beams, Metaxa – very high acoustic & electromagnetic fields etc. Gareev & Myshinskiy presented their new theoretic nuclear models of Cold Nuclear Transmutation. Tarasenko & Shestopalov analyzed Cold Nuclear Transmutation in Geological fields.

Bychkov in his theoretical review represented data on observations of ball lightning in different physical, geographical and meteorological conditions.

In Shabanov’s first & second reports were considered basic principles of the leader channel existence & an interaction between the laser beam and electrical discharge forming laboratory ball lightning. In the third Shabanov report authors considered that "cold nuclear transmutation" is actually Coulomb fusion. By analogy with the recently introduced Coulomb explosion they suggested to change the notion of "cold fusion" to “Coulomb fusion”. Bychkov represented a theory on ball lightning (BL) appearance in clouds. Ionin & Bushlaev presented their own BL models. In the report of Schelkunov, Nikitin, Bychkov et al. they examined a window pane in which an orifice appeared as a result of ball lightning (BL) impact, & the analysis of the disc edge to which the force had been applied to push the disc out of the orifice showed that here the glass surface was by 2 times impoverished with silicon and by 1.4 times enriched by oxygen. In the Murtazin report authors proposed to use microscopes Quanta 2003D & EDAX to investigate a window pane in which an orifice appeared as a result of ball lightning (BL).

In all theoretical reports relating both to Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball Lightning a wide variety of original theoretical and simulation models were presented with a target to undertake further experiments based on these models.

In accordance with this in the final part of the discussion many reporters emphasized the necessity:

  1. For more operative exchange of science information in the field of Cold Nuclear Transmutation & Ball-Lightning to create the Russian teleconference system in Internet.
  2. To entrust Shestopalov A.V. and Bazhutov Yu.N. to work out Rules of the internal structure with its registration in Internet.

In the conclusion all the participants of the Conference unanimously expressed their opinion about the advisability to continue investigations of the problems of Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball Lightning and to publish the RCCNT&BL-15 Proceedings before the next Conference. Besides they supported the proposal of the Russian Organizing Committee to hold the next 16 th International Conference (ICCF-16) on the Problems of Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball Lightning in June 2009 at the Dagomys Hotel (Sochi).

Chair RCCNT&BL-15 Yu.N. Bazhutov

Organizing Committee

Deputy chair V.L. Bychkov

N.V. Samsonenko