Program of Japan CF-Research Society Meeting



(Source: New Energy Times)


Date and Place: April 27-28, 2005, at The Centennial Hall, O-okayama campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
Paper presentation: Oral Presentation 20 min. + Discussion 5 min.,
Language: English or Japanese

April 27, (Wed), 2005
9:00-9:50 Registration
9:50-10:00 Opening Address (H. Numata, Tokyo Institute of Tech.)
Theory-1 (Chairman: T. Sawada, Nihon U.)
10:00-10:25 JCF-1 M. Fukuhara (Tungaloy Co.): Physical Roles of Electron and Neutrino for Cold Fusion
10:25-10:50 JCF-2 H. Yamamoto: An Explanation of Earthquake by Anomalous Explosion of Hydrogen Dissociated from Water in Mantle
10:50-11:15 JCF-3 A. Takahashi (Osaka U.): Fusion by 4d/TSC or 6d/OSC
11:15-11:40 JCF-4 A. Takahashi (Osaka U.): Transmutations by Metal plus TSC or OSC

Experiment-1 (Chairman: Y. Iwamura, Mitsubishi H. I.)
13:00-13:25 JCF-5 F. Celani et al. (INFN-LNF): Further Studies, about New Elements Production, by Electrolysis of Cathodic Pd Thin–long Wires, in Alcohol-water Solutions (H, D) and Th-Hg Salts. New Procedures to Produce Pd Nano-stuctures.
13:25-13:50 JCF-6 Y. Toriyabe et al. (Hokkaido U.): Novel Reaction Induced by Light Water Critical Electrolysis
13:50-14:15 JCF-7 M. Koda et al. : A Simple Method to Check the Purity of D2O at Your Hand
14:15-14:40 JCF-8 T. Mizuno et al. (Hokkaido. U.): Anomalous Energy and Elements Generation in Conventional Electrolysis
14:40-15:05 JCF-9 S. Taniguchi et al. (Iwate U.): ICP-MS Analysis of Electrodes and Electrolytes after Light Water Electrolysis

-----Break (30 min)-----
Theory-2 (Chairman: A. Takahashi, Osaka U.)
15:35-16:00 JCF-10 H. Kozima (CF Res. Lab.): The Cold Fusion Phenomenon as a Complexity (1)
16:00-16:25 JCF-11 T. Sawada ( Nihon U.): Why the Nuclear Physicists Say “No” to the Cold Nuclear Fusion
16:25-16:50 JCF-12 T. Sawada ( Nihon U.): Seven Tools for the Research of the Cold Nuclear Fusion
16:50-18:00 JCF Annual Meeting
18:00-20:00 Reception

April 28 (Thu), 2005

Experiment-2 (Chairman: T. Mizuno, Hokkaido. U.)
10:00-10:25 JCF-13 K. Iizumi et al. (Yokohama N. U.): Heat Measurement during Plasma Electrolysis
10:25-10:50 JCF-14 H. Numata et al. (Tokyo Institute of Tech.): Simulation Approach to Elucidate Evolution Mechanism of Vortex Appeared on Pd Surface after Long-term Evolution of Deuterium in 0.1MLiOD
10:50-10:15 JCF-15 T. Aoki et al. (U. of Tsukuba): Preliminary Test for Decay Rate Measurement of Radioactivity Embedded in Host Materials
11:15-11:40 JCF-16 S. Narita et al. (Iwate U.): Transmutation Test in Discharge Experiment with Pd/CaO/Pd Multi-layered Cathode
11:40-12:05 JCF-17 H. Yamada et al. (Iwate U.): Search for Transmutation Products on Pd-foil Surface after Highly Pressurized Deuterium Permeation

Theory-3 (Chairman: H. Numata, Tokyo Institute of Tech.)
13:30-13:55 JCF-18 H. Okumura et al. (Tokyo Institute of Tech.): Bose-Einstein Condensation and Nuclear Reaction in Solids
13:55-14:20 JCF-19 N. Yabuuchi (High Sci. Res. Lab): The Imamura Experiment and Fusion Chemistry
14:20-14:45 JCF-20 M. Ban et al. (Tokyo Metro. Indus. Tech. Res. Institute): Three Kinds of Frequency Characteristics by Matter Wave Resonant
14:45-15:10 JCF-21 A. Takahashi (Osaka U.): Brief Review of EQPET/TSC Theory Versus Experiments