Forbidden Science: Suppressed Research That Could Change Our Lives, by Richard Milton
Reviewed by Dieter Britz

The author contends that big science has distorted what science is all about, and now has its own useless momentum, and actively suppresses any new science that might act as a threat to ongoing big projects or challenge received wisdom. One of the recurring example cases is that of cold fusion, which Milton accepts as having been proven by 92 labs around the world. He believes that the hot fusion establishment is behind its suppression. Other cases are mentioned, such as the reaction to Velikovsky (whom he also seems to believe), Halton Arp (a good example, it seems to this abstracter) etc. He comes up with the interesting concept of experts in describing bad situations such as disease, but who cannot offer any solutions. Generally, big science is heavily (and convincingly) criticised. An excellent and thought-provoking book.