Kholodnij Yadernij Sintez (Cold Nuclear Fusion), by R.N. Kuzmin and B.N. Shvilkin
Reviewed by Dieter Britz

Description of the cold fusion saga up to June 1989. Starts with the physics of fusion itself, then describes muon catalysed fusion, and then d-d fusion by electrolysis. The F&P, as well the Jones team work is described, not uncritically, i.e. the problems are mentioned (lack of commensurate neutrons in the F&P work, e.g.). The Russian fractofusion work is presented, going back to 1986. There is a useful chronology at the back of this slim volume, starting in 1866, when T. Grahame ("Grem") found the large hydrogen absorbing capacity of Pd, followed by the 1926 work of Paneth and Peters, etc. The "prehistory" of "cold fusion" is therefore dealt with thoroughly, not leaving out Russian workers.