Biological Transmutations, by Louis C. Kervran
Reviewed by Dieter Britz

This is a condensation of several books originally written by Louis Kervran in French. Kervran starts by pointing out the (his) experimental "observation" that chickens not fed calcium nevertheless lay eggs with shells, and that CO was formed in the blood of some miners although not present, and other "observations". The Ca is formed by the addition (fusion) reaction K + H --> Ca and the CO from proton swapping between the two atoms in dinitrogen in the blood. Kervran in fact proposes a whole zoo of addition as well as subtraction reactions, in blithe disregard (presumably ignorance) of the accompanying energetic emissions that would result or energy they would require. The book portraits Kervran as a respected and highly placed French scientist and it seems he was invited to give lectures on his theories to many medical students, whose (famous) professors were baffled by these effects until Kervran explained all.