Cold Fusion: The Scientific Fiasco of the Century, by John R. Huizenga
Reviewed by Dieter Britz

JRH was, during 1989, a member of a DOE/ERAB panel to examine whether cold fusion should be financed, and focussed intensely on the field during the course of six months. His conclusion is obvious from the title of this book; there is not and never was such a thing as cold fusion. The book leans heavily on the Panel's findings and the problems it had. The history of cold fusion is given, its development to "a frenzy" in 1989, and some of the background the author was privy to. The helium study in chapter VIII may be the highlight of the book. Huizenga repeatedly asks: Where are the products of these nuclear reactions? He will not accept an exotic nuclear process without either ash or radiation or both. So finally, cold fusion is
lumped, along with polywater and N rays as pathological science.