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Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Sourcebook, Marwan, Jan and Krivit, Steven B., editors, American Chemical Society/Oxford University Press, Washington, D.C.,ISBN 978-0-8412-6966-8, August 2008


This book is a summary of selected experimental and theoretical research performed over the last 19 years that gives profound and unambiguous evidence for low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), historically known as cold fusion.

In 1989, the subject was announced with great fanfare, to the chagrin of many people in the science community. However, the significant claim of its discoverers, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, excess heat without harmful neutron emissions or strong gamma radiation, involving electrochemical cells using heavy water and palladium, has held strong.

In recent years, LENR, within the field of condensed matter nuclear science, has begun to attract widespread attention and is regarded as a potential alternative and renewable energy source to confront climate change and energy scarcity. The aim of the research is to collect experimental findings for LENR in order to present reasonable explanations and a conclusive theoretical and practical working model.

The goal of the field is directed toward the fabrication of LENR devices with unique commercial potential demonstrating an alternative energy source that does not produce greenhouse gases, long-lived radiation or strong prompt radiation. The idea of LENR has led to endless discussions about the kinetic impossibility of intense nuclear reactions with high coulomb barrier potential. However, recent theoretical work may soon shed light on this mystery.

Understanding this process is one of the most challenging and perhaps important issues in the scientific world. This book includes previously unpublished studies, new and controversial theories to approach LENR with access to new sources and experimental results. The book offers insight into this controversial subject and will help readers re-evaluate their perspective on LENR for a possible alternative energy source.

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420 pages; ISBN13: 978-0-8412-6966-8 ISBN10: 0-8412-6966-1

About the Editors
Jan Marwan, who built up his own research laboratory in Berlin, Germany, to deeply investigate cold fusion processes, is a specialized electrochemist and focused his research on the electrochemical properties of metal hydride systems.

Steven B. Krivit is the editor of the New Energy Times online magazine and Executive Director of New Energy Institute. He has been the lead journalist investigating the LENR field for the last eight years.

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