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LENR Pioneers and Contributors
A. N. Baraboshkin Alexey Nikolayevich Baraboshkin (1925-1995), Director of the Institute of High-Temperature Electrical Chemistry, Yekaterinburg, Russia  
Henry Bauer Editor of Journal of Scientific Exploration, (ret.) " Science in the 21st Century: Knowledge Monopolies and Research Cartels," (Courtesy of JSE) (pdf) Winter 2004
Charles G. Beaudette Author of "Excess Heat & Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed,: (MIT lecture on Cold Fusion (mp3) April 6, 2004
John O'Mara Bockris Biographical Information March 2000
Sir Arthur C. Clarke Arthur C. Clarke, Premier Science Fiction Writer, Dies at 90 March 18, 2008
Dennis Cravens Physics and chemistry professort at Eastern New Mexico University at Ruidoso interviewed by Steven Krivit August 25, 2003
B. V. Deryagin Boris Vladimirovich Deryagin (1902-1994), Head of Department of RAN Institute of Physical Chemistry, Moscow  
A. V. Eremeev Andrey Vladimirovich Eremeev (1961-2006), Researcher at Russian Academy of Sciences Applied Mechanics Research Institute  
Martin Fleischmann Photo and audio Interview (mp3), interviewed by Steven Krivit;
excerpt from The Rebirth of Cold Fusion
August 24, 2003
Martin Fleischmann "Why is everybody waiting for America when it comes to research?" A conversation with the co-discoverer of cold fusion by Haiko Lietz March 2005
Martin Fleischmann "An Interview with Professor Martin Fleischmann" interviewed by Christopher Tinsley 1996
B. Y. Guzhovsky Boris Yakovlevich Guzhovsky (1935-1994), Head of Department in All-Union Research Institute of Experimental Physics, Sarov, Nizhegorodsky region, Russia  
Yasuhiro Iwamura Pioneer researcher in low energy nuclear transmutation; Dec. 2005
Brian Josephson "Pathological Disbelief," Lecture at Nobel Prize Winners Conference (pdf) June 30, 2004
Akira Kawasaki Remembering Akira Kawasaki Jan. 2008
V. E. Kazarinov Vladimir Evgenievich Kazarinov (1933 -1999), Director of RAS Research Electrical Chemistry Institute, Moscow  
Y. M. Kolotyrkin Yakov Mikhailovich Kolotyrkin (1910 -1995), Director of Karpov Research Physical Chemistry Institute, Moscow  
A. B. Kuznetsov Andrey Borisovich Kuznetsov (1934-1996), Assistant to Director of “Erzion” Scientific Research Center of Physical Technical Problems, Russia  
Dennis Letts Interview and lab photographs, interviewed by Steven Krivit Oct. 9, 2003
Andrei Lipson Remembering Andrei Lipson  
Eugene Mallove Remembering Gene Mallove: Founder of Infinite Energy Magazine May 14, 2004
Michael McKubre Director of the Energy Research Center at SRI International, interviewed bySteven Krivit Aug. 8, 2003
David J. Nagel Public lecture on cold fusion (mp3) Aug. 25, 2003
James "Doc" Patterson James "Doc" Patterson  
Stanley Pons Co-discoverer of cold fusion Nov. 2004
Giuliano Preparata A True Pioneer In Cold Fusion Theory April 2008
Y. V. Savin Yuri Vladimirovich Savin (1945-2006), Senior researcher, Russian Federal Nuclear Center, All-Russian Experimental Physics Research Institute, Sarov, Nizhegorodsky Region  
K.P. Sinha Visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, interviewed by Steven Krivit Aug. 25, 2003
Roger Stringham A few questions and answers, interviewed by Steven Krivit July 21, 2004
Edmund Storms Los Alamos National Laboratory, (ret.) interviewed by Steven Krivit Feb. 22, 2003
Edmund Storms "Cold Fusion Revisited," paper rejected by Rev. Modern Physics 1998
Edmund Storms Comments on the Scientific Method (From "A Student's Guide to Cold Fusion", Edmund Storms)  Feb. 2003
Akito Takahashi Chair of the Nuclear Instrumentation Group at Osaka University, interviewed by Steven Krivit Aug. 25, 2003