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Gary Taubes Witchhunt Against Bockris in 1990
Research and Compilation by Steven B. Krivit x
Summary By Steven B. Krivit

In 1990, journalist Gary Taubes, writing for Science magazine, pursued an investigation of pre-eminent electrochemist and low-energy nuclear reactions pioneer John O'Mara Bockris of Texas A&M University.

Taubes' hypothesis was that Bockris and/or his staff had committed science research misconduct by falsifying tritium results that were attained in a LENR experiment. Taubes ignored all the other results of tritium observations, including those of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in India.

In 1993, Bockris was the subject of a second round of academic persecution. Professor Frank Albert Cotton at Texas A&M University, led a request to revoke Bockris' title of "distinguished professor" because of Bockris' LENR transmutation research.

Summary of Taubes' 1990 Insinuations of Tritium Fraud
Summary of Facts Regarding Tritium Discovery at Texas A&M
Tritium Discovered by Bockris at Texas A&M: Excerpt from The Rebirth of Cold Fusion Real Science, Real Hope, Real Energy, by Steven B. Krivit and Nadine Winocur, Psy.D. (pdf) (2004)
Accountability and Academic Freedom: The Battle Concerning Research on Cold Fusion at Texas A&M University, by John Bockris (2000) (pdf)
Timeline of Taubes' 1990 Insinuations of Tritium Fraud
Bockris' Letter to Taubes, March 19, 1990 (pdf) (unprocessed pdf)
Science Media Advisory, June 13, 1990 (pdf)
Science: Cold Fusion Conundrum at Texas A&M, June 15, 1990 (pdf)
Edmund Storms' Letter (never published) to Science, June 25, 1990 (pdf) (unprocessed pdf)
Bockris' Letter (never published) to Science, June 29, 1990 (pdf)
Bockris' Note Concerning an Article by Taubes Which Was Published in Science: (date unknown) (pdf) (unprocessed pdf)
Bockris' Answer to an Assault on Legitimate Research , & Suggestions of Fraud, in an Article Published in Science, July 9, 1990: The complete retrospective, as written by John Bockris (pdf) (unprocessed pdf)
Bockris to Taubes, Sept. 10, 1992
1993 Academic Persecution in Response to Bockris' LENR Transmutation Research
Frank Albert Cotton's Request for Bockris Revocation, Dec. 21, 1993
Letters of Support to Bockris, Dec. 1993 - Jan. 1994
Lily Bockris Letter to Provost Robert Kennedy, Jan. 3, 1994
Texas A&M University Dismissal of Charges Against Bockris, Jan. 31, 1994
The Silent Majority of the Chemistry Department, Feb. 7, 1994
Lily Bockris: "Grievances of a Faculty Wife," Aug. 30, 1995
John Bockris: "Statement Of The Grievance Against Texas A&M University," September 1995
Bockris to Krivit, July 15, 2004
Bockris to Krivit, July 28, 2004