Accurate Reports of Fusion Power Results
Complete List of All Reports in This Series
By Steven B. Krivit
Originally published: May 28, 2018
Updated: May 28, 2018


Martijn van Calmthout/de Volkskrant, May 25, 2018: "Iter is designed so that the plasma releases ten times as much fusion energy as energy needs to be put into the plasma to get the reactions working. But that does not mean that the reactor as a whole generates energy ... As a central unit Iter with its roughly 500 megawatts of power would net little or nothing, another reason that no generator would be connected to the test reactor as would happen in a real power station."

Antoine/Coordination Antinucleaire du Sud-Est, (May 3, 2018: "The 50 MW injected do not correspond to the electrical energy used, but only to the heat power injected into the plasma. Because to inject 50 MW into the vacuum chamber of the tokamak, the machine needs 150 MW of electrical power permanently for its operation and up to 500 MW at intervals, ie a minimum of 300 MW of electrical power."
Jassby/Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, (Feb. 14, 2018): "New Energy Times presented a well-documented account, “The ITER power Amplification Myth,” about how the facility’s communications department disseminated poorly worded information about the ITER power balance and misled the news media. A typical widespread statement is that 'ITER will produce 500 megawatts of output power with an input power of 50 megawatts,' implying that both numbers refer to electric power."