Mitchell Swartz
"Cold Fusion" Researcher x
Dr. Mitchell Swartz has been a "cold fusion" researcher for many years. He has attempted, without success, to obtain U.S. patents on his "cold fusion" inventions. In the past, he was a source used by New Energy Times.

Swartz is an unusual researcher in that he also claims to be a news source for himself as well as the LENR field. He publishes a Web site called "Cold Fusion Times." He describes it as "the journal of the scientific aspects of loading isotopic fuels into materials and the science and engineering of lattice-assisted nuclear reactions."

Swartz had previously published his "journal" as a newsletter, but his Web site, as of Nov. 2011, shows the last issue was in 2005. What remains is primarily a single home page that, if printed, exceeds 150 pages in length. It contains an unusual array of dramatic headlines to news stories and documents from other people and other news Web sites.

In 2007, Swartz transmitted threatening communications to New Energy Times. We ignored him and he did not follow through with any of his threats. After we received the first communication, we made an editorial decision to no longer use him as a source or publish any report about his work. Following that incident, at various times, Swartz transmitted other communications to New Energy Times.

On July 30, 2010, we made an exception to our editorial decision and mentioned that in 1996, Swartz had "the good instincts that led [him] to consider weak interactions and neutrons [as the] key to LENR." However, Swartz did not put together a coherent theory of LENRs based on weak interactions and neutrons at the time. A few years later, Lewis Larsen, who later hired Allan Widom, did.

When New Energy Times obtained the DTRA report on LENR in Oct. 2011, which prominently featured the work of Larsen and Widom, Swartz published incorrect information about our corrections to the DTRA report on his personal Web site. We notified Swartz of his mistake. He failed to respond.

Dec. 28, 2009

Observations of Swartz's Behavior by New Energy Institute Board Member

Subject: RE: Mitch Swartz Strikes Again
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 11:35:04 -0600

Steven, and the NEI board.

I’ve gathered through the Vortex-l grapevine that Mr. Swartz has established a well-known pattern of intimidating anyone whom he has perceived as somehow disrespecting his professional stature - such as within the CF community. Lately I’ve seen evidence (particularly in terms of what has been sporadically posted out on Vortex-l) that some individuals are finally publicly expressing their frustration. Some are finally defending themselves.

I gather Swartz’s behavior, in the past, has been more-or-less suppressed or downplayed primarily in order to protect the “community,” or perhaps because to “look the other way” was considered the lesser of two evils. After all, who wants to step into a hornet’s nest of potentially expensive legal wrangling with someone whom I gather has acquired a reputation of being relentless once he has you in his cross-hairs.

Nevertheless, it would seem that some individuals are finally no longer willing to sweep Mr. Swartz’s behavior under the rug. This can NOT be an easy decision for anyone embark on. To “come out of the closet” involves the expenditure of a great deal of valuable time and “psychic energy”, energy that ideally would rather be spent in better pursuits. Perhaps the continued strategy of ameliorating Swartz’s objectives needs to be reevaluated. Perhaps it’s also time NEI consider the ramifications of taking a firmer public stand on this issue as well.

Please understand, I’m just thinking out loud here, but I am beginning to wonder if it might be a valuable service to publicly document Mr. Swartz’s tactics. There would be an important reason for doing so – TO (1) ALERT THOSE WHO HAVE NEVER HAD ANY DEALINGS WITH MR. SWARTZ, TO (2) ALERT THOSE WHOM ARE CONSIDERING ENTERING INTO SOME KIND OF PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH MR SWARTZ, TO (3) BE AWARE OF WHAT THEY COULD BE GETTING THEMSELVES – BASED ON THE DOCUMENTED EXPERIENCES OF THOSE WHO HAVE PRECEEDED THEM.

The purpose would STRICTLY be to address Mr. Swartz’s documented behavior/tactic of intimidating others. No one is interested in questioning or criticizing what I presume is Mr. Swartz’s ongoing research. In the latter respect I assume Mr. Swartz’s ongoing research is still considered important and worthy of analysis to the rest of the community. That aspect of Mr. Swartz’s contributions must remain untouched.

I’m currently under the opinion that Mr. Swartz will continue to behave in the manner that he does, using the same psychological tactics of intimidation because, to put it bluntly, they have worked well for him in the past, so why not continue to exploit a tactic that seems to work well! I suspect Mr. Swartz will only consider reevaluating such tactics if he begins to realize it may cost him more in the damaging of his own professional/legal reputation as compared to those whom he is attempting to threaten professionally & legally.

I may be wrong on this point but I’m under the impression that there is now a sufficient amount of accumulated documentation out there to adequately warn others of Mr. Swartz’s occasional behavior.

[Member of the NEI Board]


Swartz began heavily promoting Andrea Rossi, who is neither a LENR researcher nor a scientist. Instead, Rossi is a convicted white-collar criminal with a string of failed energy ventures. He has produced nothing that has contributed to society or the environment, but he has nevertheless financially profited in each venture. As of 2016, he is being sued for fraud for another failed energy promotion. More about Rossi here.

Fans of LENRs were misled by legitimate LENR scientists whom they trusted, and who promoted Rossi and his claims as real. Steven B. Krivit took a hard stance against Rossi after doing an on-site investigation and interview of Rossi. Krivit was the first to publish technical reports that revealed the fraud. Krivit was also critical of LENR researchers who were promoting Rossi.

Krivit was initially criticized by some people in the LENR for his strong position against Rossi, but four years later, they came around to Krivit's point of view.

"When the final story breaks and the extent of the deception is made public, I will have to contact Steve Krivit and admit that he was right all along, and Rossi really was as bad as he thought. I feel I owe him that. " - Jed Rothwell, in an e-mail to LENR community (April 16, 2016)

Here are images of Swartz's home page on "Cold Fusion Times" from Nov. 10, 2011.