The Failure of Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, Caught on Video

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Jan. 7, 2012

Readers of New Energy Times since the summer of 2011 know that we published our 200-page technical Report #3 on Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer on July 30, 2011. However, we are still getting many new subscribers who have not seen this older report.

A key aspect of this report was the examination of Rossi’s demonstration I filmed in Bologna on June 14, 2011. In a nutshell, the engineering studies in our July 30, 2011 report show that the amount and rate of steam that was coming out of Rossi’s device didn’t match his claim of about 5,000 Watts. Not by a long shot.

Instead, the steam coming out of Rossi’s device looked exactly like what you would expect to see coming out of a 1,000 Watt electric tea kettle. And in fact, that’s about how much electricity was going into Rossi’s device.

Film and notations by Steven B. Krivit, Senior Editor of New Energy Times


Andrea Rossi Explains His Energy Catalyzer PART 1/2

Event Sequence Beginning at 07:30
Rossi decides that he has shown me everything about the device and he begins to talk about the energy calculations.

Rossi: "Now, to have a very rapid calculation of the energy that we -"

I interrupt him.

Krivit: "Wait, wait, wait, before the calculations, we missed the hydrogen."

Rossi: "Oh, yes!"

Krivit: "Let's talk about the hydrogen - and then the output." [This is my first request to see the steam output.]

Rossi explains the process of filling hydrogen into the device. At 08:52, when he's done explaining the hydrogen, he stumbles with his words, not sure where he wants to go next.

Rossi: "Now, if uh, uh ..."

I remind him again.

Krivit: "Let's talk about the heat output." [This is my second request to see the steam output.]

Rossi explains the water input and flow. He talks about a "chimney," but there is no visible opening on "the chimney" to allow steam to escape. At 10:10, Rossi begins explaining the black hose and the output.

Rossi: "Then, the steam flows through this pipe [it's actually a rubber hose] ... and this goes to the sink [it's actually a drain hole in the wall where a sink once was] that is right there. Some steam is going out because [video cut] .. much of what goes out is, yes, we have some condensation but very small condensation because this [the rubber hose] is very short."

At 10:54, Rossi is done explaining the rubber hose thingy and he waits for my next question. I remind him again.

Krivit: "We can see the steam?" [This is my third request to see steam output.]

Rossi: "Yeah, sure."

Rossi walks into the adjacent room, bends down, about to pick up the hose with his bare hands.

Rossi: "Just a moment."

I don't know why he stops, so I pause the camera. I see him return soon after with a cloth in one hand and a sponge in the other hand, to use as thermal insulators before he puts his hands on the hot hose.

He grabs the hose and says "just a moment" two more times while he lifts the drooping hose to drain the water from it.

Rossi pulls the hose out of the wall and shows me the end of it for five seconds and asks "Okay?" Rossi quickly puts the hose back in the wall.

No, its not okay. I can't see any steam. I can't see anything coming out of the hose, not even condensed steam. I pause the camera.

I ask him if there is a better background we can use to see the steam. We look around for something to use. Levi is wearing two black t-shirts. Levi takes one off and holds it up as a backdrop.

I start the camera again.

Rossi: "Are you ready?"

By his statements and actions, it is clear to me that, for whatever reasons, he cannot or will not keep the hose out of the wall for more than a few seconds.

Rossi holds the hose against Levi's t-shirt and the steam is now visible. The steam comes out very slowly, in little puffs, very much like a small electric tea kettle on a low setting.

I ask Rossi to explain what we are seeing in an attempt to get his personal comment about what we were witnessing.

Rossi: "This is steam. And of course, it is not that much visible because it is very hot. Being very hot, it has less density."

But the steam is clearly visible now against the black backdrop.

I pause the camera and make a joke about using the steam to clean Levi's t-shirt. I start the camera again and Rossi continues the joke about steam cleaning. Rossi walks into the other room to return the insulators.

Krivit: "So what flow rate is going right now?"

Rossi: "In this moment, we are making 7 kg of water per hour." [He means he is feeding 7kg/h.]

We then talk about the outlet hose material. I ask Rossi what else we should discuss or show for the demonstration.

Krivit:"So, what else, results?"

Rossi: "Now, we can make the calculations, but we can make the calculations in the table with pen, if you want."

I pause the camera and we walk into the larger room and over to the drawing pad. Rossi begins the calculations based on the demonstration he just gave.

The video resumes on Part 2.

Andrea Rossi Crunches the Numbers for His Energy Catalyzer PART 2/2

At 10m 40s, using the values from the demonstration he just showed me, Rossi completes his calculations. He states: "We are producing 4906 Watt-hours per hour while we are consuming 770 Watt-hours per hour."

Thus, Rossi claims that the steam which we had just seen is producing about 5000 Watts. However, by all accounts, the steam looks like the amount and rate you would get from a 700-1000 Watt electric heater .

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