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Investigation of Michael McKubre's "M4" Experiment
Investigation and Compilation by Steven B. Krivit (2010) x
In 2010, New Energy Times began an investigation into SRI International electrochemist Michael McKubre’s experiment “M4.” In the preceding decade, McKubre had presented this experiment as the best experimental proof for “cold fusion.”

In our investigation, we found that McKubre gradually changed, added and deleted data points and values in “M4” years after the experiment took place, in an apparent effort to support the cold fusion hypothesis. McKubre made all these changes, over the course of a 10-year period, without scientific explanation, most without notification.

McKubre is one of the most qualified electrochemists who has worked in the field of low-energy nuclear reactions. He and his former group set the standard in the 1990s for precision measurement of excess heat in LENR experiments. They designed first-principles calorimeters and performed meticulous, temporally correlated measurements of helium production in LENR cells. McKubre has also led some of the most important LENR replication experiments in the field.

For a single document that best explains the nature of our investigation and findings, please view this July 30, 2010, slide presentation:

When Nuclear Is Not Enough: A Tangled Tale of Two Experiment

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Investigative Research
2004 Paper M4 References, Text Excerpts
2000 Paper M4 References, Text Excerpts
1998 EPRI Report 107843 - Text Excerpts
Krivit Compilation of All Data from SRI Experiment M4: Individual and Merged Layers
Errors in the EPRI report found by Krivit and reported to Francis Tanzella on Jan. 20, 2010:
Page 3-176: The label "Purge & refill after Sample 3" should be "Purge & refill during Sample 3" because the D2 flow started at 1154 and the helium sample was taken at 1174.
Page 3-176: The pointer for Sample 4 is not correctly located, it should be at 1407h because this is what the tabular data show.
Report 107843 Excerpts 4 with Markup - Discussion and Conclusions
Report 107843 Excerpts 3 with Markup - Experiment M4 Hour-by-Hour
Report 107843 Excerpts 2 with Markup - Experiment M4 Step-by-Step
Report 107843 Excerpts 1 with Markup - Title Pages and Change Summaries
Initiation of investigation: While Krivit was reviewing a manuscript from Pamela Mosier-Boss for the Wiley Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia, questions developed about her data references to experiment M4. (Dec. 2009)

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