The Electrochemical Society Special Session
Electrochemically-Induced Cold Fusion


Monday Evening, May 8, 1989
5:45 P.M. San Francisco Room
Westin Bonaventure Hotel
Los Angeles, California


5:45-5:50 PM

"Introductory Remarks," Bruce Deal and Elton Cairns

5:50-6:30 PM

"Electrochemically-Induced Nuclear Fusion of Deuterium", Martin Fleischmann (University of Southampton) and B. Stanley Pons (University of Utah)

6:30-6:55 PM

"Observation of Cold Nuclear Fusion in Condensed Matter", S.E. Jones, E.P. Palmer, J.B. Czirr, D.L. Decker, G.L. Jensen, J.M. Thorne and S.F. Taylor (Brigham Young University)

6:55-7:05 PM

"Thermal Measurements on D-Pd and H-Pd Systems", A. Belzner, U.B. Bischler, S. Crouch-Baker, T.M. Gur, G. Lucier, M. Schreiber, and R.A. Huggins (Stanford University)

7:05-7:15 PM

"Observations of Heat Generation, Increased Tritium Concentration and Enhanced Neutron Count in the Electrolysis of Deuterium Oxide on Palladium Cathodes", U. Landau, W.M. Lynes, D. Kaplin, M-C Yang, C.C. Hayman (Case Western Reserve University) and S. Rochel-Landau (L-Chem, Inc.)

7:15-7:25 PM

"Mass Spectrometric Detection of Hydrogenic Species during Electrolysis of D20 at a Palladium Cathode", V. Eden, W. Liu, S. Fain, and E. Stuve (University of Washington)

7:25-7:35 PM

"Electrochemically-Induced Fusion of Deuterium: The Search for Neutrons and Fusion Products", E. Buchanan, R. Hirofsky, J. Jorne, A. Melissinos, and J. Toke (University of Rochester)

7:35-7:45 PM

"Evidence for Excess Heat Generation During Electrolysis of D20 (Pd Cathode/ Pt Anode) in LiOD - A Microcalorimetric Investigation", Y. J. Kim, O.J. Murphy, S. Srinivasan, C.R. Martin, and A.J. Appleby (Texas A&M University)

7:45-7:55 PM

"The Fleischmann-Pons Effect: Facts and Theory at an Early Stage of Investigation", J.O'M. Bockris, G. Lin, N. Packham, M. Szklarzcyck, O.Velev, and J. Wass (Texas A&M University)

7:55-8:05 PM

"Calorimetry, Neutron Flux, Gamma Flux, and Tritium Yield from Electro­chemically Charged Palladium in D90", N. Lewis, C. Barnes, R. Kavanagh, S. Koonin, J. Beckett, M. Heben, . Kellog, R. Kondrat, A. Kumar, S. Lunt, G. Mcmannis, G. Miskelly, R. New, R. Penner, M. Sailor, P. Santangelo, G. Shreve, B. Tufts, R.B. Vogelaar, T.R. Wang, and M. Youngquist (California Institute of Technology)

8:05-9:00 PM


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