Tributes to Dr. Eugene Mallove
from the Science Community

I never met Gene in person, but logged many enjoyable hours on the phone with him as a journalist and someone curious about views from outside the mainstream. Of course I also benefited from his informative emails. His passion was always clear, and he was a very encouraging soul when he saw you were standing at the edge of a question. If there was anything Gene seemed to love most, it was questions. Perhaps even more than answers. That's the heart of creative, dynamic, exciting science. What was done to Gene could never overshadow the acts done by him.

— Erik Baard


The news of Gene Mallove's brutal death was like a kick in the stomach. I heard the news on the Art Bell Show on the radio while driving my car at night. It came as a numbing personal loss. I feel deep sympathy for his family and his large number of friends, but his loss was far more than a personal loss. Gene was a true champion of science and academic freedom, a man who sacrificed much in his fight for academic integrity and his dream of unlimited energy for humanity. He gave so much more than he received, and it is difficult not to think perhaps he paid the ultimate price for his dedication. It is so hard to accept the idea that a senseless robbery could have ended so important a life. 

Though we did not share all views, Gene certainly had my deepest respect and admiration for his seemingly boundless energy in the pursuit of his principles. He was an inspiring and visionary writer who had a large impact on my personal life, and likely on the world in general. He was an effective communicator who fearlessly carried his message to even the highest levels. It was a privilege to correspond with him. His death at this most uncanny moment in his career, on the verge of success and vindication, speaks much of a rendezvous with destiny. It seems insufficient to say that he will be missed when he is so sorely missed already. 

—Horace Heffner


In the the theme of secular spirituality and many religious traditions, we find the transcendent concept of person-as-messenger.

It is difficult to consider this tragedy in the broader horizon - but we if must: there have been few more effective messengers in recent years to warn us of the overlooked needs of our planet - and overlooked cures which are looming - than Gene Mallove. 

A few special humans act as the axions and message carriers, the early-warning system that makes up the thought-processes of the living mind we call Earth. In that regard they have a legacy that will always be with us.

—Jones Beene


This is very sad news. No words can express this surprise. I liked his personality. Eugene Mallove was brave enough to sacrifice his career to find the truth of cold fusion claims and made a great effort to encourage CF researchers, especially through the Infinite Energy magazine. The CF community, the ISCMNS society and all the people who have had interests in CF should appreciate his tremendous efforts. We all miss him.

—Akito Takahashi


Death is such a nuisance. It makes our friends sad and our enemies gloat. Besides, each of us is reminded that we might be next. What is worse, the timing is seldom right. Of the many reasons to mourn Gene's leaving, this one gives me the most grief. Here was a man who reminded the ignorant and corrupt of their limitations and who, as is always the case, was made to pay a price. He stubbornly paid this price for years, all the while reminding the narrow thinking that no matter how they used their fame and power, he was not going to give up. Gradually, his message was shown to be correct. Then, just when the deserved reward was almost in hand, a brutal and ignorant man wanting a few dollars denies this reward to Gene. Unfortunately, this same thing happens all too often to each of us, not by death but by the ignorance and selfishness of economic and political leaders. While mourning Gene, I suggest you think about mourning what each of us is losing by the events of these days. Gene is off to another adventure, while we are stuck with this one.

—Dr. Edmund Storms


A truly great human being, who left the world a far better place as a result of his untiring efforts and will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him or benefiting from his integrity, principled idealism and self-sacrificing generosity of mind, spirit & toil.

—Dr. Robert W. Bass


A rare, BRAVE scientist. We need people like him.

—Francesco Celani


It is our duty to continue Gene's work.

—Peter Gluck


I am deeply saddened to hear about Gene Mallove. Please convey my sympathy to his family. I hope the C/F controversy is soon resolved - few things could be more important...

—Sir Arthur C. Clarke


I am in a total state of shock, and I can well imagine that everybody else in the CF community is reacting as I am. This is a horrible loss for all of us, for CF especially, and for alternate energy resources in general. Gene was greatly loved, and widely respected, so it is not going to be easy to get over this. I can, however, predict what Gene would say if he could reach us now: Stop your moping and get to work! In fact, there could be no greater tribute to Gene's legacy than for all of us to redouble our efforts in CF.

—Robert T. Bush


As one who worked with Gene Mallove in the late 90s I was shocked to hear of his murder on the Art Bell show. In my memory he will always stand as a gentleman who fairly and passionately pushed for the truth despite the pressures of those who ridiculed his work. Although it is a great loss for the new energy field at a time when the world sorely needs new energy, let us all resolve to continue to pursue the truth as he would want us to do.

—Anonymous on Sunday, May 16 @ 11:46:12 PDT


Gene was a true Godsend for this field of shy scientists. At times we didn't all agree with his views, but his vision and voice will be sorely be missed. He spoke the truth against all odds, and he brought many views to the table for discussion. He had a nack of walking the line between the world of mass media and science writing, bringing attention to important trends. May his family find consolation in knowing that his spirit lives on in many hearts and minds and that the sun *will shine* someday in this field as we all hope and dream. Its happening and will continue to happen and we can all help make this field and his dream live on by reminding folks about the positive applications of technology...on this we all must educate.

—Anonymous on Sunday, May 16 @ 08:03:48 PDT