Tribute to Dr. Eugene Mallove
By Jeane Manning

The courageous truth-seeking soul that lived in our time as Eugene Mallove, Ph.D.-- loyal husband, father, son, friend, feisty writer, witty humorous raconteur, and dedicated scientist -- that soul, that blazing spark of the divine eternal light will never die.

That's all I can say. This is a loss for all of us. This world has lost a rare combination of articulate gutsy insightful scientist who described the big picture of New Energy possibilities. He didn't remain in the safe haven of accepted dogma. He sacrificed the secure salary of that haven and tramped out onto the frontier where a more inspiring life-oriented energy science is being discovered. With help from close associates he created a magazine, a New Energy laboratory, a foundation. Through discouraging times, he kept going. He was almost to the goal.

My heart goes out to his family.

One of the board members of the New Energy Movement, Steve Kaplan, phoned me a minute ago. We agreed that a way to honor Gene's memory would be to, as well as we are able, emulate his relentless dedicated service in trying to bring about a clean-energy future and a science that recognizes the life force.

No one can replace Gene Mallove. But we can do our best with the tasks we each can do. To clear the space for a new energy paradigm, some can work toward a better system of governance or an honest monetary system, and others work for a better education system to allow a new life-enhancing paradigm. Each of us can do our bit to plant seeds of knowledge and encourage others. Call me Pollyanna if you wish. But IMHO we can choose to cringe in grief and fear after yet another tragedy, or we can choose to strengthen in determination and solidarity and, remembering Gene's fighting spirit, accomplish much.

Jeane Manning, author of The Coming Energy Revolution and a forthcoming book on the New Energy Movement.