Present Circumstance in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

[Note: This is a Google Japanese-English translation. It is admittedly very poor and I apologize for its imperfections. But I am sharing this quickly because, despite the translation's imperfections, it still conveys much of the writer's experiences. He lives in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. If someone will offer to improve the translatation please do so from this copy.]

17 March, 2011
By Prof. Hiroshi Yamada, Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Iwate University
It is JCF executive office Yamada. Below to some time ago Mr. Akira Kitamura, human Mr. Akira Takahashi, is the mail contents which sends to glory one Mr. Yamaguchi, but we send to also everyone for referring. It is large Yamada Iwate. About Sendai is not terrible, but Morioka is circumstance below. As for the radio it could hear even after the earthquake, but it became power failure immediately and next became suspension of the water supply. The k tie or the wire telephone were not connected and 15 day in yesterday (the fire) at last the Sendai parents' home and the relative communication came off. Yet aunt 1 name communication has not come off. The newspaper which Saturday does not reach Sunday reached, the actual condition knew with the image whether the lighthouse original darkness it does, with says. To tell the truth 13 days (day) from it was business trip schedule. But, to go to Tokyo and the like, other than the bicycle being impossible, in the earthquake next day going to the Morioka station with the bicycle, starting, it was understood. There is a voice that to be good the natural disaster time, we want information, but to experience it was be possible understood. In addition, teaching at the time of the Kobe Earthquake, you could agree upon also that “the fuel for cooking and guaranty of the drinking water” are true.

Power failure 2 when are fixed, suspension of the water supply 1 days which are fixed it continued. The large size super being pitch-dark, it became business impossible, the food shelf of all [konbini] almost became empty in 1 days. Almost all store became suspension of business excluding the little store where also the gasoline station moves the pump by hand. The traffic traffic light because it does not light up, became traffic procrastination. The person who destroys physical condition with traffic accident or deterioration of the chronic disease becomes many because, the siren of the ambulance was audible frequently. But, 16th of today considerably settled. If only luxury you do not say the food, somehow it can procure. The line where everywhere is long did the gasoline station to yesterday. All store has closed today. As for gasoline insufficiency of the stand the circumstances which are spreading nationwide are recognized with the television. It is worry food insufficiency is cancelled to somewhere. Aftershock above M5 continued, 200 times or more even in the rather strong earthquake became unconcerned.

Because mountain-climbing of Koike's hobby is quasi- survival conduct, also suffering in daily life a little was in the head. Therefore, the cookstove the gas, gasoline, the kerosene and type and the quantity was sufficient. Suspension of the water supply period was to be short, but when it becomes long, it came to the point of boiling, using the water whose safety is low, probably will be. Luck to be bad the kerosene tank of the home was in a state where it is close to empty. Because it was holiday between earth day and 2 day, only poly- tank one amount procured and carried with the bicycle. The kerosene endeavors because it is not enough at all, in order presently not to use to the utmost in heating. The automobile the gasoline powered vehicle 1 unit and has Diesel car 1, but both the tank almost were the skies. You abandoned the use of the gasoline powered vehicle then. We had decided to guarantee the fuel of the Diesel car as much as possible in the one for future goods replenishment. After all, it was possible to carry the poly- tongue 1 cup with the bicycle.

Namely, with suffering it was found that the bicycle which has the big carrier on front and back is valuable. Searching the place where it sells gasoline, gas oil and the kerosene etc by the automobile, it becomes waste of the fuel. Presently, you do not insert other than the school personnel into the building of the university and very it is quiet. This as for the person of private car commuting if there is no errand which is not avoided it is because of state of home waiting. In addition several there is a reflection point. The k tie became the electric battery being cut off immediately, used the 12V-100V invertor for the automobile helplessly, because the k tie was charged with this, wasted the valuable fuel. You thought that the being full electrical machinery and appliances of preparation among those probably will be bought, but it was the hand lag. It was and the treasure did 3 headlights of LED which is used with mountain-climbing. Because the headlight which 3 uses single 4 at one among those has 72 hours, one late point [ke] [te] you put in the dining table. When it does for a while, it is the intention which it installs making provision for suffering future and searches the type LED light/write.