Excerpts from Taleyarkhan Letter to his Attorney in Response to Draft 2008 C-22 Report by Purdue

March 19, 2008

"The 3/17/08 Inv.C draft report reads like a hate-mongering letter targeted at one person, [me] alone...Who is the true author of these hate-filled malicious reports that are unsigned by the various committee members as a team?"

"The 2008 Inv.C report excludes all signed sworn affidavits that are against Purdue administration in terms of highlighting gross discrimination based actions, intentional spreading of false accusations of fraud to Purdue membership, conspiring with A. Butt and other students to create a false set of accusations and allegations, retribution, reprisal and falsification and violation of C-22 rules via going to Nature by a “sitting” senior Purdue administrator."

"Allegation A.2 has been fabricated by someone. It was not in any one of the allegations forwarded for investigation to the Inv.C"

"Allegation B.2 conclusions on misconduct (re: claims of independence in 1/06 PRL work) are targeted towards R.T. 'alone'. Why? This was a paper jointly prepared (including with Xu as co-author) and sent to PRL by R. Block. Explanations for verbage 'independence' have already been provided to Wayne State Univ., to the Inv.C (2006,2007) and to this Inv.C(2008). None of the authors believe the verbage is 'wrong'.”

"The feedback provided...was 'Purdue would [I] want to go along and accept to the outside world that Purdue’s methods and approaches were fair and appropriate. If so, Purdue would offer me a paid Sabbatical leave. What an insult!'”

"Today, I strived to put bullet point responses but upon reading through the material again, I got an overwhelming sense of revulsion at Purdue’s actions in this process..."

"It is even surprising that Purdue has offered this draft report along with the quid pro quo stance to buy in agreement from [me] to help Purdue cover up it’s dirty laundry that possibly implicates an [REDACTED], the [REDACTED], the [REDACTED]and also possibly the previous [REDACTED]