Cover Letter sent to Physical Review Letters for "Nuclear Emissions During Self-Nucleated Acoustic Cavitation"

Subject :Manuscript
From: "Robert C. Block" blockr@rpi. edu.
Date:Fri, 16 Sep 2005 11:43:32 -D400
To:Physical Review Letters <prl@aps_org>
CC:TaleyarkhanyRusi <rusi*@ecn.purdue.edu>, Dick Lahey <laheyr@rpi.edu

Dear PRL.

I am attaching a manuscript describing our latest research results in producing (d,d) fusion via acoustic cavitation. We have published earlier work both in Science and Physical Review E in which we produced fusion by initiating cavitation with a neutron source. As you probably know, this work received great attention both from supporters and detractors and was considered 'controversial' because we used a neutron source to eventually produce neutrons (although these were quite separate in both time and impact).

In this new work we are using self-induced cavitation with an alpha source dissolved in the liquid and have shown that we have a self-contained stand-alone thermonuclear fusion system. By not using any neutrons to initiate the process we have addressed the critics' concern about using a neutron source. In addition we have shown that this type of fusion system works with more than one liquid and we measured the resulting fusion reactions with four completely different detection systems. We have even shown why this does not work with a water-based system.

It is our belief that this new result is of timely interest to the readers of PRL. We would appreciate learning from you if PRL is willing to have it reviewed for possible publication. However, if the editor(s) feel that this should be submitted to a journal such as Phys Rev E, we would appeciate knowing this as soon as possible so that we casn submit it elsewhere.

We look forward to your decision. Robert C. Block

Gaerttner LINAC Laboratory