Acclaim for The Rebirth of Cold Fusion

"The neglect of cold fusion is one of the biggest scandals in the history of science. ... The Rebirth of Cold Fusion, by Steven B. Krivit and Nadine Winocur, takes a fresh look at this still unresolved debate. An unbiased reader finishing this book will sense that something strange and wonderful is happening at the 'fringes' of science. ... The future is almost unlimited. It can be the end of the fossil fuel age, ... and the end, incidentally, of many of our worries about global pollution and global warming. ... This book strengthens my hope."

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Fellow, Kings College, London

"The Rebirth of Cold Fusion gives much insight into how the 'due processes of science' came up with a decision that now appears to have been precisely the wrong one." 

Brian Josephson, Nobel prize for physics, 1973

"Krivit and Winocur have done an amazing job in putting together the pieces of this complex and controversial subject. The Rebirth of Cold Fusion makes a powerful argument and does a nice job of story-telling. I found the book to be an engaging, urgent, and passionate brief for a new look at cold fusion as well as a step-by-step guide to the science, history, and issues surrounding a drama that has profound implications for the future of humanity and our planet."

Bennett Daviss, award-winning science journalist

"The book arrived today. I can't put it down! The subject matter is fascinating, the research is impressive, and the writing is magnificent. My thanks to both you and Dr. Winocur for a good job well done."

Bill Schmidt

"Written with the nonscientific lay public in mind, The Rebirth of Cold Fusion is clearly an eye-opening book. It illuminates the fact that science is not nearly as well-defined as it would seem. Krivit and Winocur have documented the great personal and professional challenges faced by scientists trying to search for truth inside the 'cold fusion' cell."

Frank E. Gordon, Head, Navigation and Applied Sciences Department of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego, United States Navy

"The Rebirth of Cold Fusion is an important report in the good tradition of American investigative journalism. It exposes a scandalous case of scientific misconduct, engages those who are guilty of foul play, and sets the record straight. The book comes at a critical moment in which a neglected field of inquiry is fighting for recognition. Let's hope it helps cold fusion gain the support a potential energy source deserves. Everybody should be aware of the facts in this book."

Haiko Lietz, science reporter, German National Radio

"Basic research and its progress depend upon how open the society is to accept new ideas and pursue them to the end - right or wrong. The Rebirth of Cold Fusion brings out the important question of whether the present form of peer review and financial control by government agencies help in new innovations or not. It is obvious that some changes have to be made, with the future in view."

Dr. P. K. Iyengar, Chairman (retired), Atomic Energy Commission, India

"Congratulations on the production of a very useful and readable book. The Rebirth of Cold Fusion fills an evident and urgent need to inform the scientific and lay public about this topic which has been so massively misrepresented in the literature. You have done sterling work on this."

Dr. Martin Fleischmann, co-discoverer of cold fusion

"The Rebirth of Cold Fusion is a fine book, done the old-fashioned way, with hard work. I hope the world reads it; it is well-written and powerful. I hope the world acts on it; it is clear, concise and concrete."

Michael Staker, materials scientist and research engineer

"The Rebirth of Cold Fusion is an excellent and timely update. Written for both the uninitiated and the honest skeptic, it is a lucid presentation of the challenging science and the unfortunate politics behind this field.  Winocur and Krivit give us hope that the spirit of true Science may prevail!"

M. Srinivasan, associate director, (retired), Physics Group, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India

"Krivit and Winocur certainly have done their homework. The Rebirth of Cold Fusion is going to be an important contribution." 

Edmund Storms, Los Alamos National Laboratory (retired) 

"The Rebirth of Cold Fusion is a very good read - it has re-kindled my pride in being part of this field and has served to remind me why I've spent the last twelve years immersed in this magnificent obsession." 

Dennis Letts, alternative energy researcher

"The Rebirth of Cold Fusion is a very important and timely book. It may help educate a generation of physicists told to believe cold fusion doesn't exist."

Robert H. Parmenter, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Arizona, and co-author of "Cold Fusion in Metals" (Proceedings, National Academy of Science, Vol. 86, 1989) with Willis E. Lamb, Nobel prize winner in Physics, 1955

"The account that Krivit and Winocur have given of the chemically assisted nuclear reactions is more penetrating and historically more well-based than anything previously published. I think that, historically, their previous report might be taken as the trigger which started the landslide. In just six years, the Hubbert peak will be reached. Will we be saved by the new nuclear reactions?"

John O'M. Bockris, Distinguished Professor, (retired), Texas A&M University

"Krivit and Winocur offer a broad introduction to the science of cold fusion research in a manner that is accessible to the general reader and essential for the science reporter."

C.G. Beaudette, author of Excess Heat & Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed

"Krivit and Winocur present a historical review of the field with first hand interviews of key scientists involved over the years. Thought provoking with regards to the environmental issues we face and the need for a new clean energy source, the authors do a great job of educating. Highly recommended by this atomic blogger. There have been other excellent textbooks on the subject in the past ... but this one is genuinely a voice of the community."

Johnathan Chan, editor, Atomicmotor.com