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These “Tours” have been assembled with a series of document links to provide some insights into the FIC data collections. These “Tour” documents are initially offered as examples of how the data can be assembled to present a number of topics. These tours are not offered as exhaustive reviews of the topics being presented.

US Patents and Patenting issues
F199509s.PDF- What happened with US Cold Fusion Patents (1995)
N199703.PDF - Letters on Patent status in the US (1997)

Foreign Patents issued
F199511.PDF - Patents Granted in Europe to US Company (1995)
N199601.PDF - 100 Cold Fusion Patents in Japan (1996)
F199601.PDF - 100 Cold Fusion Patents in Japan (1996)
N199705.PDF - US objections to Patents in Europe (1997)
F199302s.PDF - Listing of 96 Non-US Patent applications with abstracts.

Cold Fusion Progress reviews
N199612.PDF - Conference report on progress (1996)

Articles with time-line or event references
F198909.PDF - Early Cold Fusion events time line looking back to March 1989.
F199303s.PDF - Four year progress report with a time line of events.
F199305s.PDF and F199307s.PDF - House Committee Hears about Cold Fusion.
N199311s.PDF - Seven months of growth for New Energy News - Publishing Policy.

Replication of initial Pons and Fleischmann observations
F199106.PDF - Survey of Cold Fusion Successes (1991) - this is a very complete and detailed worldwide summary, two years after the initial announcement to the world. Non-Replication of initial Pons and Fleischmann
F199102.PDF - letter describing some of the difficulties in replication.
JNE2N1.PDF - “Explanation for some differences in the reports of excess heat...”

N199706.PDF - Charge Cluster Transmutation
JNE1N3.PDF - experimental work
JNE2N34.PDF - experimental work
N199712.PDF - experimental work

Charge Clusters
N199701.PDF - Ken Shoulders the developer of the charge cluster or EV concept and the patent holder of the concept.