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New Energy Times is grateful to Hal Fox for permission to make these historic archives available publicly, and to William Collis, founder of the The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science for conversion of this archive to HTML

Hal Fox
Aug. 23, 1923 - Aug. 20, 2012
Photo: S.B. Krivit

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Cold Fusion Source Book

The Fusion Information Center, founded by Hal Fox of Salt Lake City, Utah, was the first dedicated source of timely information on the cold fusion subject. Much valuable technical and historical material was published in print, and later on CD-ROM.

This archive represents Fusion Information Center's first digital compilation of their archive and was identified as Release 1.1. New Energy Times is pleased to present FIC's publications in an accessible, indexed, fully searchable digital format.

Currently FIC's publication, the Journal of New Energy with its Fusion Facts abstract supplement is indexed to the scientific community by Chemical Abstracts Service ( and by Engineering Information Inc. ( which produces the data base COMPENDEX. Both of these publications can be found in most major libraries and are available through online database services such as The Dialog Corporation which is a subscription service that can be accessed over the Internet at

This data contains a fully searchable bibliography of more than 170 issues of Fusion Information Center's three publications, starting in July 1989 and continuing to 1999. This comprehensive bibliography is provided and includes references to papers dating back to 1923. This release also contains full text, printable documents for selected issues of Fusion Facts, New Energy News and all issues of the Journal of New Energy up to and including the Spring 1999 publication of Volume 3, Number 4. The full-text documents also include a copy of the Cold Fusion Source Book published in 1994.

Searching the Files
Acrobat reader will allow you to search for text strings in multiple files and this was the original method proposed by the Fusion Information Center. In practice, however, this is rather slow and does not work for many files which have been scanned. Collis solved a problem with the old fonts and processed the bibliography text files compiled by the FIC and automatically created a single index. This bibliography directly links to over 4,600 references. In many cases you can browse directly to the appropriate page even on a scanned file.