The old WP Font Problem solved

The original Adobe Acrobat files in this collection did not, in general, contain all the necessary WordPerfect fonts which made viewing and printing of papers, particularly those containing mathematical or greek symbols rather problematic. When Corel took over WordPerfect from Novell, WordPerfect fonts were protected with the lincensing flag from being embedded in PDF files. Corel became aware of this in 2000 and has since tried to rectify the problem, which remains in older WordPerfect versions 8 and 9 (of which many are still in use). Fonts that could not be embedded all start with "WP". To see if a particular portable document file suffers from this problem, it is sufficient simply to scroll down though the pages. Acrobat displays an error and characters whose fonts are unavailable are displayed as bullets.

Bill Collis recreated all the FIC PDF files with all required fonts. It is only necessary to install a modern version of WordPerfect on the PC and print the old files to pdf. Collis used a combination of Wordperfect Office Ready and PdfPro. Because modern portable document files are compressed, this usually results in a smaller files and  no loss of quality.