Jerrold K. Footlick Archive
Audio Interviews at the University of Utah x
Author of Truth and Consequences: How Colleges and Universities Meet Public Crises (Link to Book)
(Source: New Energy Times) In 1995, Footlick visited the campus of the University of Utah and interviewed key people there, many of whom had been directly invovled in the 1989 cold fusion incident.

In the Spring of 2009, Footlick sent the original audio recordings from his interviews to New Energy Times. We made digital recordings of the tapes, and then separated the interviews by source.

Footlick had four analog audio cassettes, which we numbered 1-4, sides A and B. The following listing of the recordings is provided in the original sequence as found on the analog audio cassettes.

1A Pam Fogel (47:20, 33MB)
1B Pam Fogel (47:23, 33MB)
2A Chase Peterson (47:18, 33MB)
2B1 James C. Bapis (26:51, 19MB)
2B2 Chase Peterson (20:32, 15MB)
3A1 Richard Koehn (1:41, 2MB)
3A2 Hugo Rossi (45:24, 42MB)
3B1 Chase Peterson (12:59, 9MB)
3B2 Richard Koehn (34:08, 24MB)
4A Arthur K. Smith (47:11, 33MB)
4B1 Hugo Rossi (17:03, 12MB)
4B2 Pam Fogel (7:21, MB)
4B3 Arthur Smith (22:50, 16MB)